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Enjoy the blissful life

Look at

Closeup (macro) photograph of a koru (fern) un...

the unfurling fern

Mood swings to delightness

See at

the spreading wings 

Heart brings smiles on lips

your kid

Proudly lift his collars up

on his great success in his goals

Soul soars high in the blissful sky

Happy always lies in small & close knitted bonds

Let us live simply after all we are ordinary human beings

Enjoy the blissful life instead of searching beyond the life


(You published 900 posts on this blog – dedicated to the word press,                   my co-bloggers – you & your families and to my friends & their families )


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How can I say

Frans Floris - The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, ...

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

When this mankind

floating in  phylum like straws

was it not you who uplifted and kindle knowledge as a Mother

How can I say

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

when this mankind

living like primates in forest

was it not you who taught culture and decency as a Master

How can I say

Who you are

when this mankind

oppressing themselves as cannibals

was it not you who incarnated for sake of humans as Divine Soul

How can I say

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

for the silly questions of every new born kids who have forgotten about you 

No need to prove yourself again and again every time for these unfaithful personalities

When they bite the bitterness of perils , one day or the other day, they surrender themselves before you



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Free World

English: Flying bird at sunrise.

Every one cheating

Every one down looking

Every one ear biting behind the backs

Why all these hallucinations travelling in human brains – Due to

 Lack of transparency in competition ,fight for existence & fears of future

We can not find this melancholy in other creatures as they live in free world

After all life is a beautiful dream given to live and let others to live happily in free world

Let us walk in to that free world where transparency ,humanity, love & affection breaths the air


( dedicated to the depressed persons always living in negative thoughts for one thing or the other)


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See the God

Beyond the sky

Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the...

one can find  the dark matters with glistering sparks 

Beyond the milky ways, nebulas and galaxies – Hubble‘s eye

one has to view the other worlds of another universe orbiting with heavy velocity

Beyond the universes 

one can find the abode of the God called Heaven 

as viewed and defined by our Sages as mentioned in their sacred literature

Study the literature of Sages beyond the comparison of our known world, one can surely get the result




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God – Man

English: Bharata Asks for Rama's Footwear

I too born like you

I too get married like you

I too have undergone the process of different stages of life

I too faced number of problems more than your human beings

 At no time I proclaimed my self as God of having miracle powers with me

My Divine thoughts & Divine deeds arched me as a God, but you remained as human being


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pyre never flare up


Here Come the Tears

shedded by mother 

While carrying a child 

while joining a kid in a nursery,

while sending a child to the higher studies, and

while getting down the daughter in matrimonial home,

were all blessing pearls to her children for ever , but …

Children always gave her tears

Even in her old age, she was awarded with tears

Poor mother……………………………………………….,

Even her pyre never flare up with her tears for her children


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because of us

angry sea

In the Womb

In the Womb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

hurled Hurricanes

ferocious earth

cracked with Quacks

frustrated rocky beds

violently vomited volcones 

because of  us

sky lost it’s sanctity

water loose it’s purity

mother’s womb too 

subjected to lease or rent

No one has got any  right to blame the nature

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God means


Humanity Dethroned

Humanity Dethroned (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a warm feeling

a fearful  fear

a wonderful faith

a destroyer of all sins

a miracled protector of all unsinners

the humble feeling of the existence of the god  

saves the existence of the humanity  in world

God means

above Humanity

above the love of the mother

above the guard of the father

above the hug of the lover /  love

by all means God is God

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no life is alone

no life is alone

English: 9th Day Kurukshetra War Painting form...

English: 9th Day Kurukshetra War Painting form Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Center, Kurukshetra, Hariyana, INDIA മലയാളം: കുരുക്ഷേത്രയുദ്ധം ഒൻപതാം ദിവസം (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

no individual is alone

life means

our family, home, office  and our world

life means

sharing of feelings

life means

living together peacefully , co-operatively

when problems come facing the same jointly

Kurukshetra is the only

best reference for all these meanings and values


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wild cats

English: Wild cats

English: Wild cats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

taking advantage at the time of crux

vomiting sadism on one way or the other

reflects the hidden character of Hyenas 


establishing supremacy within the grabbed time

overpowering the others either by hook or crook

exhibits the tendency of wild cats  


basically human being is also an animal 

under certain times he too shows his canines 

he too an out come of evolution is not far from truth


human is always shadowed by inhuman 

laying calmly  waiting for opportunity 

don’t touch the shadow line of human being

unless you are equipped with ring master hunter

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