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M. Padmanabhacharlu – Great Father

Passing Night 

Relieved the life from Great Journey of 85 years 

My Father’s soul rest in Great Peace with out bedridden

Life slipped smoothly like an exhale breeze from the lungs

Great Personality stands for his words and Deeds – Great Father 

My father left behind him adorable Works & adoptable Life Style

  • Work till last breathe ;
  • Never be burden for yourself ;
  • Save your health & life with clean habits ;
  • Extend your Love & Affection  to the needy with out expectations ;

His life time Achievement as Organizing Secretary  – “Sri Shivaji Spurthy Kendram ” Srisailam

God is great  ” may his Soul rest in GREAT PEACE “

                                                                                                                               With regards




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Still not clear

Who are you

Studies for God, Angels

What is there in you

Why every one run after you

bow their heads & knelt down before you 

from the Angels to little Insects

from holy Sages to ugly drunken Men

You never speaks nor whispers to any one

Still you are more than personal one like God ,Guru, Friend and Foe etc.,

One day or the other day every one stands with folding hands secretly or publicly

Still you are not clear to any one from Laureates to huskers  , from Sages to Scientists



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How can I say

Frans Floris - The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, ...

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

When this mankind

floating in  phylum like straws

was it not you who uplifted and kindle knowledge as a Mother

How can I say

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

when this mankind

living like primates in forest

was it not you who taught culture and decency as a Master

How can I say

Who you are

when this mankind

oppressing themselves as cannibals

was it not you who incarnated for sake of humans as Divine Soul

How can I say

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

for the silly questions of every new born kids who have forgotten about you 

No need to prove yourself again and again every time for these unfaithful personalities

When they bite the bitterness of perils , one day or the other day, they surrender themselves before you



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Good Friday


Français : estampe, christ sur croix

 of Lord Christ

Rolled Tears

Squeezed Hearts

Dumb mourners of Calvary

Love spilled last inch of blood for our sake 

Good Friday leaves a message of  Universal Love

“BE GOOD, DO GOOD towards all “




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Godly knowledge

 Aurora of  Stars

Aurora 2011-08-05/06

Aurora 2011-08-05/06 (Photo credit: horstm42)

scintillate Divine knowledge in Serenity 

Quench your thrust of Divine Wine, rained from the Heavens

Light is the God

Light is the knowledge

illuminated souls fire high in the Divine furnace

Godly knowledge derives

from all  illusory Shadows &  Dreams



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approach the God

as to why

English: Glacier Peak 10541 feet), Cool, Choco...

English: Glacier Peak 10541 feet), Cool, Chocolate (center), North Guardian and Dusty Glaciers (l to r). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

some flowers adored the God

and some of them rolled in dust

Discrimination lies in whose hands 

No body’s hands…………………………………

Approachable Beauty makes a choice in casual collections

Don’t get envy for not reaching the God casually

Always try to understand the God to over come the grief 

Meditation, prayers, thoughts of God makes  the life a world difference

Hence the discrimination lies in your own hands to approach the God easily


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Soul Ruler

Crossing miles

longest lefthander in the world

longest lefthander in the world (Photo credit: Nikki McLeod)

disappeared in hollows 

All histories remains in debris

Except marks and stains, nothing was left for recollect

One by one all  my egoistic leaves shuddered like a summer tree

Oh, my Soul Ruler come like a monsoon in this drastic desert like life


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No discrimination

Far away in the Horizons

English: Cave Temple of Lord Amarnath. Deutsch...

Firing Ball in the blue waters

bringing light in to our lives 

driving all the darks of yesterdays

Hidden hopes flying like birds from their nests

Morning music wake up the world with a prayer to the Lord

Let the world may cherish with no caste,no creed, no religion, and no race

Let every one can found the abode of  Lord in the heart of others irrespective of all discriminations

[ dedicated to the baby boy  of two years old who injured in the hands of others on the discrimination of race and religion]


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Divine Knowledge

My Lord

Sun rays falling upon the murti of Lord Badri ...

Sun rays falling upon the murti of Lord Badri Narayanan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your memories bewitched me

Once seized in your thoughts in depths

No fear dare to dive in to the pond of my heart pool 

all envies  have disappeared like a shadows of a Night before the rays of morning Serenity 

Oh Lord

Let me embrace your Lotus feet

Once rested my head on your Glorified Lotus feet

all mirages , illusions of bonds have woofed away like front- locks before the Crepuscular rays of Divine Knowledge



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Eternity of life

When Exuberant inner Sky

Eternity (Every Little Thing album)

Canvassed colorful Bounties 

 When Brinks  of heart spate with the Golden Rush

When Gallantry winds of deep breathe breezed cool flutes

When the worldly luxurious body is soaked in deepest rest

Like Full Moon,then the Aura of soul hideout from the clouds of Doubts

Kindling the soul with the Knowledge of  Divinity , Peace and Eternity of life


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