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Awake the soul

English: In the Beginning


at the God

with a great confidence & faith

God too smiles with a great charm like a hand Mirror

Out of crystal clean Soul only , one can see the God in life

 Awake the soul carefully  & Avoid haphazard – zigzag ways of life 




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Born to bright


Veil (Photo credit: Leah Makin Photography)

after all 

a small candle

simply driving all nights around it

Why don’t you pierce the dark veils around you

Born to bright the nights with your great moony smiles



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No fight

English: God & I


We pray for rains & pleasures

despite of its different dimensions


We pray for peace & prosperous

despite of different faiths & forms


all are one & only

Our prayer is only one

No fight in the name of God or religion 



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Why still…

Your soul is the sky

Open the doors of knowledge

The flying thoughtful birds play beautiful music

The passing clouds of memories greet with warm welcome

Why still…

Your egos are the star dust

 Pave them as velvet silky milky path 

The celestial bodies of desires hold  peace candles 

The moon mind arch the life with it’s silver dust profoundly 

Why still…

My great soul

hesitating to leave this lustful body for having a blissful blessings of Haven

Heaven means having a beautiful ,peaceful & contentful life but not other than this



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No sin hunt

"Ohe! Ohe! / Horrible dragon, / Swallow m...

Allow all feelings

run over like a river

for having a blissful life

Swallow only few of selective ones to fill thirst

No sin hunt the life no more for misshapes in life

After all the life is a bunch of feelings in acknowledgment of existence


( dedicated to guilty feeling persons unnecessarily in their life for misshapes in their lives )

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Love & Faith

Faith, Hope and Love.

God is like a Mine

Treasure of Gold, Diamond & Coal etc.,

Extract the same with divine love & faith 

Degree of interaction decides the fate of disciple 

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my Lord

Lord of Ayurveda,Dhanvantari

Trembling hands

see towards vast sky

Tired eyes

always look towards earth

In between the ego was in flames


left me back a bit behind 

Exhausted soul

always dragged me to the corners

What could I offer 

Except pure love & faith for Moksha – my Lord

( dedicated to my father Late M. Padmanabha charlu )


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find & feel the God

Astronomer Copernicus, conversation with God.

Some times

God hear our prayers

We ignore to acknowledge 

But God smiles at us bless fully 

Some times

God ignore our prayers

But we express our anguish seriously

This time also God smiles at us bless fully for our childish nature

Some times

It lingered us 

Whether God appears only on failures & for uncertainty of events

Sages said that one can find & feel the God as a light when he is at deep darks


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Rest all

The babe in the womb; Leonardo da Vinci (1511)

All Fall

from Time 

where we go

why we come

how we disappear

not known to any body

Time decides our fate & destiny 

Rest all is in our hands to mould this journey happy

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Still my eyes

not getting wet  

still my soul

not believing this fact

How can I believe that

when you are with me

Love makes miracles

Faith implants mesmerized seeds

All saying that you have walked away silently 

All of your colleagues paid great Homage to you

Still……………………………, Love never dies as it is an eternal one

Paid Great Homage to Dr. M. Padmanabhacharlu on 18-9-2013 at Darbar Hall Mourya Inn Kurnool

శ్రీ T.G. వెంకటేష్  చిన్న నీటి పారుదల శాఖ మంత్రివర్యులు
శ్రీ M.D.Y. రామ మూర్తి సీనియర్ అడ్వకేట్
శ్రీ శ్రీ శ్రీ స్వామీజీ
శ్రీ రఘు రామయ్య
శ్రీ శివాజీ స్పూర్తి కేంద్రం


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