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Balancing Factor

Lord Krishna said

English: bronze chariot of Lord Krishna and Ar...

He is the God

Lord Jesus claimed

He is the son of God

Mohammed Prophet said

Allah is the God

What is God ?

Super Power of the Universe

Which balances every things in this Universe

What is Balancing ?

Every one/thing has got it’s won sphere/space in this universe

From birth to death / from origin to dilute – every thing – time programmed 

Some visioned as Lord Krishna, some as Jesus son of God and others as Allah etc., 

So God is Ominipresence, Ominipotent, Ominibenevolence who balances this Universe


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Balarama Krishna

Basohli painting of The Diversion of the Jamuna.

Sudarshana – Chakara

Wheel of progressiveness 

Mace – Weapon

Source of Agriculture & Irrigations

Balarama Krishna kindled these thoughts 5000 years back it’self

Explore the life of God with divine faith and dedication,to know the secretes of life


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Krishna Janmastami

Who’s birth

English: baby Krishna - Sleeping beauty

pierced the darks of the World

Who’s birth

perched the souls high in Heaven

Who’s birth

oriented for Bhagawad Geeta Amrutam

that  Krishna birth day is called as Krishna Janmastami 

Wish him a Happy Birth Day and Many Many Happy Returns of the Day

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Never show your back

No birth

and escaping prison after birth of .

is so easy

Lord Krishna too born behind Cell

No child

is in safe hands

Lord Krishna too brought up at Brundavan

No life

is bed of roses

Lord Krishna too faced great tasks in his life

Lord Krishna by his thoughts & deeds said that

Don’t  show your back for burning problems of the life 

Do your job at your best level ,Victory never goes out of your hands



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art of temptation of others

the very word “Pandava” sounds  “Peace”

Nederlands: Schaduwfiguur. Wajangpop voorstell...

Nederlands: Schaduwfiguur. Wajangpop voorstellende Patih Sengkuni Unknown language: Wayang purwa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the very word ” Kowrava” sounds “Cruelty”

actually this game of Kurukshetra was palyed by Shakuni

defended by Lord Sri Krishna

art of temptation of others

one must learn from this great Shakuni 

  • praising others loudly
  • poisoning the minds of others wickedly
  • provoking the others for taking revenge unreasonably 
  • always standing as shadow for getting an opportunity to corrupt minds and purses 

one can see such worst vicious people till the day also.    

Kurukshetra  focuses lights and give guidance to the society.                              


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mount on the desires

The Horses of the Chariot

Lord Krishna instructing the Bhagavad Gita to ...

Lord Krishna instructing the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna in Kurukshetra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

are the desires of us

Lord Sri Krishna  as it’s driver 

is the representative soul of us

Arjuna in his armed dress

is the representative of us

Dharma Kshetra – Kurukshetra 

is the day to day worldly life of us

this symbol  of

Arujana – Krishna – Chariot  

preaches that 

one must mount  and ride on the desires with all grips

so as to get success in the life


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Lord Sri Krishna

peacock tail’s feathers 

Lord Krishna embedded photo by the uploader

Lord Krishna embedded photo by the uploader (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

crown the head of the Lord

indicates no weights requires to reach the God

oceans’ blue 

adored the body of the Lord

signifies no color, cast, creed bars to reach the God

crescent moony smiles of the Lord

opened the doors of the abode of the God

half mooned lotus eyes of the Lord

showed a path of the attainment of  the life

Lord Sri Krishna

born behind the bars to break the all  bars of the bonds of the lives

wish you all a Happy Sri Krishna Janmashtami

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