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don’t displease

English: 9th Day Kurukshetra War Painting form...


To please Duryodhana

Dhrutharashtra displeased Pandavas

Ultimately marched towards great Kurukshetra War

Pleasing important persons – not the offence nor sin

Whether it is in official works or in family relationships

But don’t displease others to please any one – heinous one

No holy scripts said to displease other for the sake of another


( learn lessons of life from Holy scripts )


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Human being

Surya god

God Surya

Mounted on 7 horses Chariot

But all are under the control of Aruna – Soul of Sun

That’s why the Lord sun has been regarded as eternal one

A Human too

Mounted on 7 Vices Chariot/Body

Monkey soul never controls any one of them

Let the soul control all bad vices to be at least as Human being



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Murali Mohan

The Hindu God Krishna with holy cow. Indian pa...

I am a


carried by winds

flagged in the woods

wildly grown as a wild beast

Lord Krishna mould me like a Flute – Murali

With his divine kiss,my soul played music in his fingers

He held me in his Lotus Hands as an ornament for ever as Murali Mohan



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English: Arjuna statue at an intersection just...

All falls

in Padmavyuham

an illusionary zone in life

where all thoughts lull the ego as correct

Once caught in whirled pool  – No one comes out

Who knows the exit of  Padmavyuham like Arjuna only lead the life

( learn the lessons of life from Mahabharata )


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Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum, , , .


ask the moon

about the desolation

as stars laughed loudly

Don’t touch 

the Sun at any time

as it dipped in love sea at both sets

Leave the River

to it’s destination

as it never live with out embracing the Great Ocean

Don’t believe

the Deep Valleys & Hills

as rocky echoes only your pains without having any feelings

Yes …………

You ask the Radha

You can quiz the Gopika

They knew the real pain of desolation 

after Lord Sri Krishna left the Brundavanam 

The thrive for Divine is the real desolation – rest are all lusts only


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Rudra Bhoomi

English: Shiva Carrying Sati on His Trident, c...

Rudra Bhoomi

Where  Lord Maha Shiva

dances vigorously along with the flames of pyre

Rudra Bhoomi

Where tranquility equality lulls the souls in great peace

Rudra Bhoomi

The ultimate destination of all beings one day or the other day

Rudra Bhoomi

a great Oasis of deadly hot desert which quench the thirst of  vexed lives



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Balancing Factor

Lord Krishna said

English: bronze chariot of Lord Krishna and Ar...

He is the God

Lord Jesus claimed

He is the son of God

Mohammed Prophet said

Allah is the God

What is God ?

Super Power of the Universe

Which balances every things in this Universe

What is Balancing ?

Every one/thing has got it’s won sphere/space in this universe

From birth to death / from origin to dilute – every thing – time programmed 

Some visioned as Lord Krishna, some as Jesus son of God and others as Allah etc., 

So God is Ominipresence, Ominipotent, Ominibenevolence who balances this Universe


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Bhagawad Geeta

you are the Arjuna

Lord Krishna instructing the Bhagavad Gita to ...

your soul is the Lord Krishna

your life itself is the Kurukshetra 

Philosophy of life is the Bhagawad Geeta



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Balarama Krishna

Basohli painting of The Diversion of the Jamuna.

Sudarshana – Chakara

Wheel of progressiveness 

Mace – Weapon

Source of Agriculture & Irrigations

Balarama Krishna kindled these thoughts 5000 years back it’self

Explore the life of God with divine faith and dedication,to know the secretes of life


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Moksha Yoga

Melodies of  flute

Sree Balakrishna Swami Temple, Kuzhuppilly

remove all melancholics in life – visada yoga

Peacock eyed feathers

ignite the bodies with inner looks – karma yoga

Mesmerizing crescent smiles

feed the souls in butter buffets of moon lights – Jnana Yoga

Hey bala Krishna 

leave your tender foot prints in our hearts perching for attainment – Moksha Yoga

                                                                                                                           –  advocatemmmohan

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