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amber thought


Chan Kusalo cremation 40

Swallows everything

From flames of pyres

Soul emerges like a pure Gold

What a beautiful amber thought lies behind the fire

Our elders visioned positive sings in deep pathos of life too



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How can I say

Frans Floris - The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, ...

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

When this mankind

floating in  phylum like straws

was it not you who uplifted and kindle knowledge as a Mother

How can I say

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

when this mankind

living like primates in forest

was it not you who taught culture and decency as a Master

How can I say

Who you are

when this mankind

oppressing themselves as cannibals

was it not you who incarnated for sake of humans as Divine Soul

How can I say

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

for the silly questions of every new born kids who have forgotten about you 

No need to prove yourself again and again every time for these unfaithful personalities

When they bite the bitterness of perils , one day or the other day, they surrender themselves before you



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colorful lights

Dancing flames

Astronomy For Beginners

Astronomy For Beginners (Photo credit: AndyRobertsPhotos)

soaked in sweats

Smiles of moon 

illuminated the souls 

when love rest in peace

Every Dusky night brights up with colorful lights



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lull the dreams


Meditation (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

to sleep for a while

drive the desires

faraway for a second

awake the soul

observe the breaths

Lungs pumps

Heart beats

cool down the blood pressure

a beam of light

reflects under the closed eyes

shocks from the spine

travels from bottom to top

all vibrations ends in clam

Ocean’s depth deep peace prevails over all

No Guru gives this

every one can get it by Meditation


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Gravity forces

Blessings of God                                                           

Blessings of Parents

Blessings of Teachers

Hugs and Kisses of beloveds

Wishes of Friends and colleagues

Basic pursues of  Human lives

After all we are human beings attached to some affections

Love and affections are the Gravity forces of our beautiful relationships

Without Gravity Forces no Universe sustains –  With out love and affection no Human remains


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life is a blink


Blink of an Eye (Enchant album)

the cold ice makes you thrill while melting

the burning candle provides you light while burning

leaving satisfaction and knowledge

the beloved one made you to weep while departing

after all life is a  blink

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