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Murali Mohan

The Hindu God Krishna with holy cow. Indian pa...

I am a


carried by winds

flagged in the woods

wildly grown as a wild beast

Lord Krishna mould me like a Flute – Murali

With his divine kiss,my soul played music in his fingers

He held me in his Lotus Hands as an ornament for ever as Murali Mohan



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Balancing Factor

Lord Krishna said

English: bronze chariot of Lord Krishna and Ar...

He is the God

Lord Jesus claimed

He is the son of God

Mohammed Prophet said

Allah is the God

What is God ?

Super Power of the Universe

Which balances every things in this Universe

What is Balancing ?

Every one/thing has got it’s won sphere/space in this universe

From birth to death / from origin to dilute – every thing – time programmed 

Some visioned as Lord Krishna, some as Jesus son of God and others as Allah etc., 

So God is Ominipresence, Ominipotent, Ominibenevolence who balances this Universe


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Bhagawad Geeta

you are the Arjuna

Lord Krishna instructing the Bhagavad Gita to ...

your soul is the Lord Krishna

your life itself is the Kurukshetra 

Philosophy of life is the Bhagawad Geeta



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English: Ancient Shiva Temple roof paintings, ...

Like butter in Curd 

Not visible to the naked eye

Centrifuge your thoughts to view the Soul

Like Gopika churned the Curd  for Lord Krishna – Divine Soul



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Krishna Janmastami

Who’s birth

English: baby Krishna - Sleeping beauty

pierced the darks of the World

Who’s birth

perched the souls high in Heaven

Who’s birth

oriented for Bhagawad Geeta Amrutam

that  Krishna birth day is called as Krishna Janmastami 

Wish him a Happy Birth Day and Many Many Happy Returns of the Day

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Never show your back

No birth

and escaping prison after birth of .

is so easy

Lord Krishna too born behind Cell

No child

is in safe hands

Lord Krishna too brought up at Brundavan

No life

is bed of roses

Lord Krishna too faced great tasks in his life

Lord Krishna by his thoughts & deeds said that

Don’t  show your back for burning problems of the life 

Do your job at your best level ,Victory never goes out of your hands



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See the God

Beyond the sky

Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the...

one can find  the dark matters with glistering sparks 

Beyond the milky ways, nebulas and galaxies – Hubble‘s eye

one has to view the other worlds of another universe orbiting with heavy velocity

Beyond the universes 

one can find the abode of the God called Heaven 

as viewed and defined by our Sages as mentioned in their sacred literature

Study the literature of Sages beyond the comparison of our known world, one can surely get the result




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Lord krishna


Lord Krishna embedded photo by the uploader

always loves soft , tender, purified one

Why  Lord Krishna loves Butter so much ?


is an out come of churned Curd 


is a  wonderful curdling product of Milk

Milk itself  is a pure one

after curdling, waste water goes outside

after churning curd, pure, white , tender ,soft butter out comes like cream

God loves us to be like that

Being Humans

our birth is heightest one

when curdling with morals 

all waste qualities like ego etc., immeterialized

So we become a wonderful pure curd –  solid divine quality

after churning our solid divine qualities with problems

a Purified Soul like Butter appears in a creamy manner 

When we attain such a great stage, god never leaves us, he always lives with in us


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Yashoda Krishna

Lord Krishna

Huzur Mahadi Palace, , .

by stealing the Butter

said that he would love only Churned Souls

Bala Krishna

by concealing the costly clothes

advised us to leave the Ego covered our Bodies

by playing hide & seek game

he disclosed that it is not easy to conquer his Divine Love

Mother Yashoda was blessed one for having the God as her child

Lord Krishna himself loved to be called as Yashoda Krishna – Devotee’s God


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Oh Lord Krishna

weightless feathers


Krishna (Photo credit: thejasp)

crowns your head

dirty weight fellows

permit us to lay at your feet at least

Oh Lord Krishna

do not drive the chameleons like us out of your grace views

as we too are the matters of your world

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