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Great silence

English: In location...moon... Polski: w Plene...

Why do

you hide

silently behind the clouds 

and as to why

on next thought

you bloomed queenly  

winkled out the fragrance of aura archly

behind the silky knitted veils of silver dust

your eternal love always quiz the minds of lovers

Great silence always shares silver screens of life serenely 


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Pardoned soul

Ubari Oasis in the Category:Wadi Al Hayaa Dist...

Standing at the edge of deserts

Soul desired to dig it’s shadows in mirror

Fag end congregations never wiped the tears

Embrace the Lotus feet of Lord for being a Pardoned soul




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adorable paths

English: Paintings of Buddha meditating

Any thought

rests on self realization like lotus

Any thought

free from vicious minds of cobras

Always scintillate aura around it’s sphere

Adorable paths always adoptable for easing the lives


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Burn my ego

I found

The moon is smiling tonight

The moon is smiling tonight (Photo credit: slworking2)

Great  placid of Serene 

under the shades of your Eyelashes 

I traced

Assured solace for thirsty soul

in the crescent smiles of your Rosy lips

Hey…..  my Lord  

Burn my ego like Camphor lit before your Lotus feet 




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Oxygenated grace

Hey, God…..


Lotus (Photo credit: ROSS HONG KONG)

I am not a honey bee

for living with out embracing your Lotus feet

nor am I, a plastic flower

to live with out your Sense of fragrance

Like a breeze , I too rolled in all filthiness of life

But purify me in your Oxygenated grace , till then I would not leave your Golden feet


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all rights of freedom

along with the red eye line dropping


Lotus (Photo credit: ROSS HONG KONG)


the shied beauty also furled slowly in to it


to unfurl the bud  of the beauty like Lotus


one must wait for the raising of the Full Moon


others are all artificials


all rights of freedom unfurls only in cool and peace zones 


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