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Sri Rama breaking the bow to win Seetha as wife.


like a rainbow

Smiles only at breaks in life

Hold it near to the heart closely

With out it life never cherish with longevity 







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Love your Nation

One Nation Under

Love the Nation

dispite of it’s disadvantages

Else  No one is fit  to be it’s citizen 



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Love – mirage

Love  – a beautiful mirage

A left side view of a Mirage III D (top) and M...

Appears to be at Breathtaking Pace

But always keeps good it’s Golden Space



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blissful Home

Where there is no room for lies


Where there is no space for hides

Where there is no gap in contacts

There the life flourish in a great peace

That house is only called as a blissful Home 

There the relationships & Bonds cherish well

( burden lies on the parents – in decorating their homes as blissful – all best wishes )



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No hasty conclusions

Jog Falls, Karnataka, in dry season.

One word

One expression

Casual chit chats

never fix the character 

all feelings

all opinions

all outlooks of life

constantly flows out like a river with new currents

Life is a jog fall always fall in thoughts, feelings, dreams, expressions

No hasty conclusions in closely knitted bonds -else results in Miseries & in Securities



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Great Good Morning

Let this sunrise rays


ignite positive thoughts 

Let this morning breeze

awake dreams of bright future

Let this day spring floral scents 

inject divine spirits to each and every nerve

see………..the Soaked world in this misty morning rays

Sprouting again with new desires of  Peace, Love , Prosperity & Humanity

Greet  the world with Great Good Morning to you all………………………………………..


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if possible ideally

fall asleep

Русский: Богоматерь Блаженное Чрево. Первая по...

Русский: Богоматерь Блаженное Чрево. Первая половина XVIII в. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

one is in mother’s womb

another is in a grave yard

one is meant for flowering up

another is meant for perishing down

so many number of steps in this ups and downs life

the ultimate destiny of a birth is the only one Grave yard

but the ultimate destiny of life is to live and let live others

so one can say that the birth is for death but not  the life

life is for living lovely, beautiful , articulately, if possible ideally


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silly things

issh …….


SSH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

don’t pelt a chip

sleeping pond may get disturbed


don’t hurl words

close relationships may also get hurt

some times silly things also heavily vibrates the life

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wild nature

why the relationship of spouses

Personal Life (album)

Personal Life (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

fading out like  flowers by evening itself

why the essence of love in the family

melting  out like a glacier during the course

since the personal life holds much priority over the family life 

the personal life finally turned as selfish life –  basic feeling of a wild nature



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