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Don’t be whirl pooled


Brünnhilde slowly and silently leads her horse...

on the virtues of your desires

not in the colorful dreamy land

but in the actual worthy real world

Simply thinking & dreaming not virtuous

Seed the thought first on the soil from the Lab’s

Don’t be whirl pooled yourself in your dream’s pond

 ( dedicated to young aspirants )



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Before falling in

Love is a lighting 

English: Lightning bolts hitting Atlanta skysc...

Lust is a lightning

Lighting opens your eyes publicly 

Lightning blocks your visions secretly 

Lighting is in Gold colour or Silver colour

Lightning is in rain bow colours or in multi colours

Lighting never give any shocks under any circumstances

Lightning may give shocks & attacks as thunder blot sometimes

Before falling in love find out first whether it is a lighting or lightning

( dedicated to young generation )


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Good morning rays


Hurricane (Photo credit: Chalky Lives)

 under the Hurricane cyclone

soaked bodies curled like flower buds

arrested lives trembling like weed leaves

let the souls  may take a rest for a while 

on the warm bed sheet of green grace earth

hoping for greetings of a Good morning rays 





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