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One Day Peace

One by One

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Raise Your Voice

With one word – World is ours

Once for all

Raise Your Fists

No one deter us – No more

By All Means

Put All Efforts – Peace prevails all over

No wars touch our shores

No racism sprouts in our lands

No fanaticism raise in our heads

No corruption breaths in our nations/thoughts

No domestic violence springs in our societies

No crimes against humanism breaks out in our relations

One day Peace Dove fly freely and fearlessly all over the world  

( dedicated to )


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No force

Any intervention

The Umayyad Mosque courtyard, Damascus.

should not worst the situation

Whether the dispute in between two or in between two Nations

No peace sustains nor life restores in a wrecked Society -Due to Force

( Actions against Syria )                                                                              – advocatemmmohan


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underscore game


Monument to Victims of Fascism, Rivne, Ukraine

We admit

No scores will be settled at Fascism 

Our Leaders accept

No war brings any kind of Peace & Prosperity

Our Religious Heads too confess

No God assent for the massacres of innocents

Every one knows every thing………………………………

Still ….taking the advantage of Dumbness /Calmness

In the name of (Nation) People& In the name of (Religion)God

Every one is playing underscore game for their existence at the cost of innocents

                                                                                                                                    – advocatemmmohan


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21st century cannibalism


Late nineteenth century Syrian dress. Dervish,...

flooded in the tears of citizens

Hysteria affected rulers forgot it’s Great History

Building castles on the graves of it’s bright future (kids)

21st century cannibalism of own children to lull the power hungry

Let us condemn this heinous crime in one voice – Genocide of kids like pests 



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Weed out conflicts

Conflicts like Weeds

English: Obverse of peace dollar Русский: Авер...

English: Obverse of peace dollar Русский: Аверс мирного доллара (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

always remove the same

for harvesting a beautiful Peace

Manure it with all perished egos, negatives etc.,

Searching  for the Peace

some where else is nothing but Mirage

Harvest the same first in your house

unless you breath it 

You can not get the oxygen from your Arena







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a significance of Cool Peace

Desires of Cobra


Hood (Photo credit: slgwv)

Raised it’s Hood beautifully

Amused souls of Peacock

Flares out it’s plumage tail fashionably

Love or Lust all boundaries disappeared for a while

No one can draw a line in between the Ocean & Sky

All is blue – a significance of  Cool Peace – undistrubed Tranqulity


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hearty congratulations

success always


English: Barack Obama delivering his electoral...

English: Barack Obama delivering his electoral victory speech on Election Night ´08, in Grant Park, Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

depends in the hands of public 

no success embrances until approved by others


public life demands protecters of them from crisis


who knows the difference between public and private life crisis


always embraces  the success in his life


Obama  – the great  – achieved the same


hearty congratulations


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Honor killings


Capra at Crete
Capra at Crete (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

as not considered as 

lineal descendant 

your birth is controlled

you are subjected to Infant killings

as always considered as

pride of the family

your opinions are always restricted

you are subjected to Honor killings

from birth to death

you are considered as a good domestic animal

by calling you as great  in a loud voice on one side

stabbing you brutally behind the back on the other side

women are always shadowed by “you too Brutus”  men.


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international suicide prevention day

no more blueishs of buddy flowers

English: United States Army Suicide Prevention...

English: United States Army Suicide Prevention Poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

no more terminations of chide lives

self humiliations leads to self strangulations

life meant for live it up but not for middle drop out

stop suicides  at least from this international suicide prevention day


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