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Karma phala


A portrayal of Vyasa, who classified the Vedas...

is a Kinetic force

Every kinetic force yields it’s results 

Like sowing seed yields it’s great fruits

Results of Kinetic force is called as Karma Phala

Our Sages said that your karma phala decides what you deserves



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Love – mirage

Love  – a beautiful mirage

A left side view of a Mirage III D (top) and M...

Appears to be at Breathtaking Pace

But always keeps good it’s Golden Space



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Great Departure

The giant wave arms 

Preparations for departure

cradle my ship on its’ tides as of its’ child

my ship deeply settled in the lap of the ocean as of its’ kid

Glimpses of childhood joys & happys fired the fuels of life ship

What requires more at the fag end of great departure in to the Great blues

 (  dedicated to the wishes of old parents )


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You are not your shadow

Shadow Man

but the shadow may be yours

 any how don’t be  in a shadow

a symbol of  deep Pathos of life


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