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Avoid pre-occupied thoughts

Representation of consciousness from the seven...

When one

stepped in Dilemma

Thoughts rushed towards Armour

Righteous way keeps the mind in cool swings

Judge the situation with conscious mind with out any prejudice

Avoid pre-occupied thoughts for having a crystal clear view over the problem

( dedicated to young generations who fell in dilemma for every thing)


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combust of Mind & Soul

No one can say

Jacques-Louis David - Sorrow - WGA06103

there is no Wind ,Heat &Chill

But declares that there is no God

as there is no Universal experience

Love & Sorrow also not in Universal experience

Only who fell prey of it , can feel that it is a love or a sorrow

Combustive Mind and Soul can only vision the same personally

Love the God more than the couple, children, family and career etc.,

Out of great combust of Mind & Soul , one can Vision the God with naked eyes

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Don’t sway in memories

Deutsch: Phrenologie

Deutsch: Phrenologie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


hidden deeds


opened visions

windows of mind

withered the man always

never allow the mind to sway in memories

always open the window of vision for bright thoughts

no negatives clouded the mind due to positive cool waves of thoughts


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fruitful life

A person too? The same needs and wants?

A person too? The same needs and wants? (Photo credit: .craig)

child cry for mother’s presence

adolescent  eyes search for good pair

old one heart mourns for attention of children

love governs the relationships in the family

rest are all basic needs among the living beings

love is an oxygen 

rest all are breathe in  and breathe out of air

no meaning in taking a breathe – with out oxygen

no meaning in living for years together – with out love

every cry, search, mourn are all  only for love  but not for other things solely.

fruitful life means the life which shared and cherished in love 

( dedicated to wonderful couples who decorated their houses as homes )


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