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English: Sky Mirror, a sculpture by Anish Kapoor.

What remains

after rain passed

a clean & crystal Sky

what remains

after the mist disappeared

a beautiful & decorated Mirror

What remains

after tears over rolled

a light & feather light heart

Always keep the heart like Sky mirror




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Glory of God

Find him in you

"Saint John on Patmos" by Hans Baldu...

No need to search else where

When every prayer for inner Glow & Beauty

Mirror free from stains only shows the glory of God

                                                                                 – advocatemmmohan


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To be like a mirror

English: Photo taken one morning in the Arroyo...

Stay always in Tranquility 

Then all correct their mistakes after seeing you 



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Purush (Adam) & Prakrit (Eve)

Sea and Sky

I am the sea

You are the sky

I am the mirror of you

you are the figure of me

Look in to me to know the depths of you

Except we no one knows well about us – a pair of reflections

Horizons only knows about us like Purush (Adam) & Prakrit (Eve), else we are equals

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Stained Mirror

The Empty Mirror

 not allowed  the face to see with clarity

Stained Soul

not allowed the Body to live with peace

Wipe the stains with pure crystal like tear waters

No stains follow for ever  ………………………………………


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a mirror is enough

English: Spherical mirror in Millennium Square...

English: Spherical mirror in Millennium Square, Bristol, England. The photographer (me) is seen top right in the blue shirt. The mirror forms the side of the Explore-At-Bristol Planetarium sphere. Taken by Adrian Pingstone in June 2004 and released to the public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

every one judge another

from his angle

every one expects another

up to his satisfaction

every one desires another

to play his tunes always

then  only considered as good 

one is forgetting that another is not his hand mirror

if one want his replica – a  mirror is enough 

why the company of another

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An illustration from page 30 of Mjallhvít (Sno...


a secrete treasure 

no one knows about you

than the mirror knows

mirror is  for your eyes only

one has to absorb  all sorrows in the secret chambers

exhibits all pleasing faces of each one in the public zones

like a mirror

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