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Freezed Souls

Misty Morning Refelctions

Misty Morning Refelctions (Photo credit: mylilangel58(aka Jane))

Stop the breeze

it repels  the serene lake

Reflections of dreams may disturb

Stop the clouds

It hides the Moon under it’s wings

Moony dreams may be vanished in darks

Hey Winter

Don’t freeze the body under your ice

Thoughts may be slipped in to hibernation

Freezed Souls & Bodies wakes only in warm touch of God



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Great silence

English: In location...moon... Polski: w Plene...

Why do

you hide

silently behind the clouds 

and as to why

on next thought

you bloomed queenly  

winkled out the fragrance of aura archly

behind the silky knitted veils of silver dust

your eternal love always quiz the minds of lovers

Great silence always shares silver screens of life serenely 


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Yet, Let the rose

Fate laughs

English: Screeny of my baby: Moon Priestess Mave

beside me and rocketed towards Sky

 Depression deplores

inside me and kept in the hallows of Night 

All the walk along with Dark wood , yet not viewed rays of Hope

Waiting at least for Moony rays in new-moon day was a big ironical  in Life

Tombs never speaks ,  yet, let the rose to raise it’s head from the manures of Tomb

( dedicated to hard sufferers  )

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come on ….

The Russian Bride's Attire


hit on my chest

with your lotus feet

Moony smiles echoed with anklet musics

Only one Moon not in the sky but in my hands , I saw

My little cute how beautiful you were like a Rain bow Butterfly

Flying from hands to hands with out landing except in your mother’s lap

Child hood memories still not faded from our memories , my little cute is going to leave us as  Bride

( dedicated to parents  )


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Moony smiles

Like a Moon

English: Lunar libration. see below for more d...

English: Lunar libration. see below for more descriptions Français : Librations de la lune. Voir une description détaillée en dessous. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

behind the black clouds

your thoughts

are playing Hide and seek game 

Behind the closed eyes

Sleep also gave a big slipped hand

Soul no more rest on this floral bed 

for the hardness of the pollen dust of the florals

Once caught in the whirl winds of your memories

every night is a sleepless night waiting for your Moony smiles



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Bride – sakunthala

Lilly flowers 

Lilly Morgan & Poison Pink ...

Lilly Morgan & Poison Pink … (Photo credit: Mahmud Farooque)

laughed at you

for the buddy shy not yet left

Pink roses

knotted it’s look 

as your cheeks blushed with pink

On seeing your Moony face

confused sun dived in to the dusk 

Queen of the Night studded stars in your tuft

Angels showered their kind blessings on your way

Dear Blessed Bride ( sakunthala) sail away happily  to reach your soul mate

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Full Moon (Moony 11)

Let her


in the Moony rains

let her 


on the silky greeny grace

let her


in her dreamy wonderful world

let her


on the wings of  her sweet love songs 

let her grow like our beautiful lovely rose

after all she is our little beautiful darling

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