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Dooms Day Music

Rays of Sun

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

sparks the life in Seed

Rays of Moon

aired the breath in Bud

Fluids of Earth

feeds the sprout to Raise

Grows like a Gigantic Tree

to save the Nature and Needy

But being greedy children, we are playing Dooms Day Music  – is it Justifiable



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Hey.. God

The Calamities of Humanity

Child like

feeling proud

for few things – we discovered

in your great  endless Universe

Posing like giants – having not known

all these sandy architects subdued for your tides  

Save your subjects from all these calamities of  self and of Nature 

( dedicated to world wise victims of  calamities )

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detachment in attachment

Unveil the heart

English: bronze chariot of Lord Krishna and Ar...

before the Lord of Universe

All internal wars end in peace

Since the Nature is under the umbrella of Lord

it has been discharging it’s duties with out any attachments

This is called Nishkama Karma Yoga –  detachment in attachment 


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discrimination agianst Women


Anti-Sexual Harassment Graffiti reading: No To...

 Sources of Life

but Man forgetting his birth


Nest of family

but tying her as his back yard cow


Part of the Man

but providing a room in between the four walls


Axis of the Earth

With out Woman

No World exists

When the whole Nature itself nurture on the female

Why the discrimination agianst Women – a so called civilized Man

Stop foeticide, stop  female child labour, stop sexual harassment  and stop domestic violence etc., against Women


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scars of the life

Taxidermy exhibit portraying a Siberian tiger ...

Taxidermy exhibit portraying a Siberian tiger chasing a deer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


like chameleon

some times appears 

like very cute and innocent kitten

some times appears

like very cruel and wild Siberian tiger 

Nature jaws left with scars on the lives

no one was scared  with out any scar

scars of the life – awards of the Nature


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