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After a great penance 

Caption saying Ramadan Kareem that I have created

A man enters in to a new World of God

A great journey from Darks (Amavasya) towards Light – New Moon ( Love & Humanity)

Once blessed by God,  the Devotee life cherish day to day like Full Moon – a great faith on God.

Wish you & your family a Happy RAMADAN/RAMAZAN


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Yet, Let the rose

Fate laughs

English: Screeny of my baby: Moon Priestess Mave

beside me and rocketed towards Sky

 Depression deplores

inside me and kept in the hallows of Night 

All the walk along with Dark wood , yet not viewed rays of Hope

Waiting at least for Moony rays in new-moon day was a big ironical  in Life

Tombs never speaks ,  yet, let the rose to raise it’s head from the manures of Tomb

( dedicated to hard sufferers  )

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joy and happy

On  the West end


Bride (Photo credit: P.C Images)

the Moon appears in pink

probably he may get shy

for coming down so near from the top of sky

Bride  too caught with same shy

as she failed to notice the passing of the Moon so close

Showers of love always thrills the life with joy and happy

  • Disturb (

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Heart of the Mother

No body knows

English: Statue of mother, Chaves, Portugal

English: Statue of mother, Chaves, Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the Heart of the Mother

Neither Husband

Nor the Children 

or the Parent-in-laws

Every one

Emotionally Blackmailing her

No one is ready to fulfill her basic needs

Every one

used to comply her their problems

 No body looks 

At least the Basic Needs of the Mother

Mother is not the Goddess 

to stand like Statue in the temple

She too a part of our lives 

just pay attention towards her

Let her cherish like a Full Moon

But not make her as a Black Moon




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