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Life & Death game

Grouse hunting rest

It is happy to chase another to Death

It is unhappy if Death itself chased him

In this Life & Death game everything happens like this



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Terminal of Death

No one born

The Dance of Death (1493) by Michael Wolgemut,...

The Dance of Death (1493) by Michael Wolgemut, from the Liber chronicarum by Hartmann Schedel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with  the permission of  couple

Nor any one’s death

postpone on the prayers of  Dears

All have gone now,

were also walked as orphans

on the death of  their near dears

No one is the orphan on passing of others

Every one has to travel till the end of Terminal of Death

with no sorrows & no hallucinations………………………………..


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William Holman Hunt - The Shadow of Death (1870)

William Holman Hunt – The Shadow of Death (1870) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

means Death

No shadow follows


means Life 

Shadow of death follows

Research on Death

never reach to an end

 As no one can see his back

Where Death took it’s berth happily

Birth follows Death – a proved phenomena

So no grief brings the one left for Grave Yards

whether Death follows Birth – still a fantasy art work 

( Dedicated to the mourning people who lost their young kith and kin )


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the death

The death bed of Epaminondas [...] [detail].

The death bed of Epaminondas […] [detail]. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the death

before knocking the doors 

traces of aftermath of the war exists

under the clouds of the great pains and pathos

finally ………………

like a thunder blot

calmly lands on the target

that’s why………………….

the saints always pray for the painless death


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the secrete of life

Foster Bible Pictures 0066-1 Moses Has Struck ...

lies in forgetfulness

death is inevitable 

waiting for death is miserable

witnessing every kind of misery

one has to pass like  wild lives

life is a brook line

let it flow naturally


water contaminates


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