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Confined thoughts

.English: Hesitation by Alfred Garth Jones



sinks my heart

to a stage of new moon



drives your soul

far away like a blinking star

Confined – thoughts never unfurl our love

Oh my lovewe must avoid negative forces under our wings – to fly freely




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simple pimple

The Flying Carpet by Viktor Vasnetsov (1880). ...

Let us walk blissfully

among the smiling flowers

among the wonderful singing birds

before the falling jog falls from top of hills

Let us play joyfully in the lap of mother earth like kids

See the green grass paved carpet for our painless journey 

Feel the cool winds breezing constantly for our refreshments

Enjoy the moonlight effects given by the spreaded clouds on our way

Oh.. it is too bad on our part to saddle ourselves in a corner for a simple pimple


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Love – Career

Who taught the birds

Sea Eagle's Nest (1907 painting by Bruno Lilje...

to share love & duties

to build  beautiful nest & trust

to behave like parents to their chicks

Never leave it’s love & nest till last breath

If Life cherish blissfully at home  –  it blooms career also

Simple secret of the life – a man is always forgetting in balancing his life


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In the lap of east

Jan Boeckhorst - Apollo en de Python

New Apollo born


the slavery bonds of dark Night

Oppressed hopes

unfurled petals of it’s buds in to flowers

by shuddering the capsulated hard mist 

Wings of Freedom

 soared high in the great blue sky

by breaking the walls of imprisoned barracks

Fresh breathes

whistled  new tunes of freedom songs

soaking in the shower of golden rays of  Apollo

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English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.


A Journey……

from abhorrence  to Adorable life

Never score the pain that has under gone

Life is like that … so hard to gain the world


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Fresh minds

Never look back

Man of Many Minds

Man of Many Minds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for traces of walk

except for lessons of life

New begin

brings New thoughts

Celebrate the life with New year morning

Fresh minds are the abodes of the God




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I am a Nomad

Sun Pillar

Sun Pillar (Photo credit: tomhe)

I have no abode of mine

Let me to lay for a while

my head on steps of your temple land

Under  the roof of the sky

On the velvet green carpet Meadows

my body fell fast asleep forgetting  all sleepless Nights

 Angel whispers

brought new breaths to the faded life

Let me raise like a Morning Sun

from the deep lap of the Mother Earth


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Explore the soul

Deep sleepy 

English: Negative low tide at Ocean Beach in S...

English: Negative low tide at Ocean Beach in San Francisco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

slowly skipped 

thoughts after the thoughts

Clouded over the tranquilled  Lake

Child hood  tender innocent smiles

Adolescent beautiful unconfined laughs

Tides over the tides touching the shore of Ocean

How sweet the memories are like shades of Lights

a journey into the past refreshes the lives always like Oasis

Inspirations , spirits , boosts  and every thing lies in deep sleep in one’s own life

Explore the soul to get some hard grains of life to sow the future  beautifully for coming ages


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wild Horses

Don’t Groom

Wild Horses of the Outer Banks

Wild Horses of the Outer Banks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


the Thoughts  unideal


Like Wild Horses


They become untamed


All rides results in to great Panics


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Brook Falls

Brook Falls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not let you to live

as you wish and will

Life is a course of stream

one has to follow the same

some times it is a  Jog fall

some times it is a flooded river

some times it is like a Brook lane

one can mold the style but not the course

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