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rains tears

English: Portrait of Pablo Picasso Magyar: Pab...

Disturbed thoughts

flew away like bats on lights

Why to call them again sleeping in graves

Reined soul never rests in mournful memories

Gallop the life on the banks of knowledge where sun raises

Every life rains tears – allow them to flood out the pain but not the life


( Dedicated to the sorrowful lives )



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Be as a professional

Professional Dreamers (album)

Anxiety in

expected results

leads to suspense & pain

Coolness about results molds a person as a  professional

a professional handles multi tasks with out any fear ( karma yoga )

Be as a professional in every task – no pain touch your heart at any time




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No Pain

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Why this pain

only in humanbeings

Why this pain

not appears in others

as the pain is part of their life

If every one digest this hard fact

No pain pinch the heart of any one

Love the nature it will teach everything

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Angel of the Death

there is

so much pain

already in the world

why your’s too like adding salt 

Get pearls of smiles from the sore tears

Cook a beautiful life dish from all perils of life

Being an Angel, a women can bring a welcome Home


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self realization


Joseph Mallord William Turner - The Angel Stan...

Joseph Mallord William Turner – The Angel Standing in the Sun – WGA23183 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

of  True sun

burn  the cheeks

red eyes 

sored with pain

to acknowledge the Truth

 Hangovers of  soul get a chance to realize

Every morning is a gift of God towards self realization 




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Six th Sense

Sense (album)

Sense (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the winds whizzes

the wings flutters

the dry leaves cracklings

the atmosphere  movements

sends vibrations of messages 

from the moods of  your nears and dears 

if it echoes with joy in the heart

it is a good sign

if it injects the pain in the soul

it is a bad sign 

the swinging of moods of uneasy or of joy

are the results of the six th sense

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