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don’t displease

English: 9th Day Kurukshetra War Painting form...


To please Duryodhana

Dhrutharashtra displeased Pandavas

Ultimately marched towards great Kurukshetra War

Pleasing important persons – not the offence nor sin

Whether it is in official works or in family relationships

But don’t displease others to please any one – heinous one

No holy scripts said to displease other for the sake of another


( learn lessons of life from Holy scripts )


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English: Arjuna statue at an intersection just...

All falls

in Padmavyuham

an illusionary zone in life

where all thoughts lull the ego as correct

Once caught in whirled pool  – No one comes out

Who knows the exit of  Padmavyuham like Arjuna only lead the life

( learn the lessons of life from Mahabharata )


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art of temptation of others

the very word “Pandava” sounds  “Peace”

Nederlands: Schaduwfiguur. Wajangpop voorstell...

Nederlands: Schaduwfiguur. Wajangpop voorstellende Patih Sengkuni Unknown language: Wayang purwa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the very word ” Kowrava” sounds “Cruelty”

actually this game of Kurukshetra was palyed by Shakuni

defended by Lord Sri Krishna

art of temptation of others

one must learn from this great Shakuni 

  • praising others loudly
  • poisoning the minds of others wickedly
  • provoking the others for taking revenge unreasonably 
  • always standing as shadow for getting an opportunity to corrupt minds and purses 

one can see such worst vicious people till the day also.    

Kurukshetra  focuses lights and give guidance to the society.                              


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