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warm – chilled Night

Moon peeping


in the back yards

Whispers echoing

in the valleys of heart

Passing clouds

chased the memories of Queen

Time melted in this warm – chilled Night

Not known where I laid till the friend sighs

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Memories of Fort

Wild flowers raised

English: Fort Snelling confluence of the Missi...

from the cleaves of fort

dancing rhythmically to the tunes of air

 Glimpses of light 

whispers something in the ears of air

Passing clouds flew down to hear the same

Sky too knelt down to kiss the fort for it’s glory

Unscripted great loves & brave hearts inscribed on fort walls

Only serene hearts can hear ,feel , touch and view the Glory of Past 

For others it is only a cracked & debrised fort with so many wild weeds

( dedicated to  the History lovers )


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your Thoughts


Korridorfin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

like  wild birds

not amenable to groom

your Dreams

like passing clouds

never yield any drop of water

No rainbow adds any Colours to your life

unless you harvest your own colorful dreamy life


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passing cloud

To day here


CLOUDS OVER OKINAWA (Photo credit: Okinawa Soba)

Tomorrow not known

No memories of Yesterday

Like a passing Clouds

I have no abode of my own

Like a waving Wind

all places are of my Forts

I belongs to all 

but no one is  mine 

Like Vapor dews

as soon as I come , I dispurse in to the sky

In a blink of Life

nothing fasten me with any bonds

I am a passing Cloud…………………no one is  mine 


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