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Hen under the Hamper

No one can wear spectacles

English: The Moon and planet Venus

to control the flooded dreams

No mad can see

the Moon with help of a torch

Lack of perceptiveness , leads the life like a Hen under the Hamper

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flooded love

unveiled Beauty

The Empyrean (highest heaven), from the illust...

The Empyrean (highest heaven), from the illustrations to The Divine Comedy by Gustave Doré. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

loomed as Empyrean

Let me douse in your rainy love !!

arrows of Glances

set blazes of amorous lightnings 

Let me melt in your eyes’ black collyrium

like a fading night in the shower of silver dust !!

Let me whirled in your overwhelmed flooded love !!

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Dream world

Ringlets of your memories

Moon face/la cara en la luna. NO Photoshop

Moon face/la cara en la luna. NO Photoshop (Photo credit: Luz Adriana Villa A.)

disturbed my heart lake serenity

your blue moon face

reflected with wrinkles in that pond

Heart squeezed for a while 

Overwhelmed tears defaced your figure

Pathetic looks searched for the God towards sky

There you emerged like a full moon from behind the clouds

Flattered soul flew away like a swan fluttering it’s silver wings in your dream world


  • Oh, Lord (

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Red Moon

Feeling lone

Moon Eclipse with Saturn and Regulus

Moon Eclipse with Saturn and Regulus (Photo credit: lokidude99)

like a solo Moon of the Sky

 All are  far away 

like blinking stars of the Night

Visits of cool passing clouds now and then

Never give any relief to the sighs of hot glory life

Red Moon pains never comes to an halt at any time

unless dipped in to the holy deep blue ocean’s love




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colorful lights

Dancing flames

Astronomy For Beginners

Astronomy For Beginners (Photo credit: AndyRobertsPhotos)

soaked in sweats

Smiles of moon 

illuminated the souls 

when love rest in peace

Every Dusky night brights up with colorful lights



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English: Moon

English: Moon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

you are Walking 

over the flowery path

the Moon showered Silver dust

a beautiful eye feast , my heart quilt with Happy


you are passing over

the Silky clouds hide the Moon for a second

Oh, what a beauty………………….

the Moon shy for a movement

a great annoyance , my dreams got disturb for a while



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how sweet the awaiting is ……….

Moon, Jupiter, Ganymede, and Jet

one in the blue dark sky

another in the pool of my thoughts

how beautiful the Moon is…..

silky white clouds flying like swans

slowly opened the windows of my soul

dark blue sky with studded diamond stars

awakens the shadows of my sleeping desires

behind the top of the hill, the desires of Moon appears to be hide out

from the bottom of the hill, the thoughts of stream overflowing in to the slopes

Moon nears to the western ends , still the doors of my love not opened yet

how sweet  the awaiting is ……….


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