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Fearless life


Fear & Careless

Not one & the same

No one caught in fear of life

But no one must be careless in life

Never live in fear of future life for every thing

Fearless life is a blissful life – but not careless life



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Clean & Crystal Mind Maps

Duality of Mind

One can hide

mind ups in his face

How can he hide

the ugly thoughts in mind

one can voice sweetly

How can he fill up the mind gaps

One can walk stylishly 

How can he rectify the lame walks of mind

Surrender oneself before his soul unconditionally

Which spill out the positive energy for having Clean & Crystal Mind Maps


( learn lessons of life from nature )


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Search of soul

English: Meditation



 Eyes gentle

Giggles of memories greet 

Let all thoughts may fly freely with out any guilty

Study each one with keen observation with judicious mind 

Just remove all negative feelings and walk towards positive ways

Search of soul – is a good practice to diffuse negative thoughts before blasting the mind




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bloom smiles

I’m dreaming of … / cute baby

The river

always flows with new waters

that’s why  medicinal properties spill out

The sky

always spreads beautiful colours

that’s why inspirational thoughts spring up

The tree

always cherish with new flowers & fruits

that’s why stands as an umbrella for all needy

Always keep the mind & soul in such a beautiful manner to bloom smiles on lips

( inspired from

Always changing – Always beautiful – Busy mind thinking – our co blogger)


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I am your time

The Voyage of Life Youth.

Sit with me

on pile of clouds

I will show you the world

Walk with me

along with blinking stars 

I will reveal the secrets of Universe

Saor with me

on the wings of winds

I will give you a blissful & beautiful life

Sail  along with me

on the tides of ocean

I will lift you from the depths of tears & sorrows

Follow me always for having a complete life – I am your time



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you are an Unique

Emotions show

I can not say

you are not – what you appear

I can not say

You are other than – that hides in you

What hides in you except bunch of feelings

When life means bunch of feelings & emotions

I can say factually whether you are alive or dead 

How can I say you are other than what you appear

Except you there is no other – you are an Unique in this Universe


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Avoid pre-occupied thoughts

Representation of consciousness from the seven...

When one

stepped in Dilemma

Thoughts rushed towards Armour

Righteous way keeps the mind in cool swings

Judge the situation with conscious mind with out any prejudice

Avoid pre-occupied thoughts for having a crystal clear view over the problem

( dedicated to young generations who fell in dilemma for every thing)


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Fake Notes


Fake-and-real-flats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life means

Love & to be loved

Life means

full of assets & liabilities

Life means

free from fevers & fears

A systematic life is only a complete life

Vagabond & Nomadic lives are only Fake Notes

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Vibrations of life

Negative energies

English: Basic overview of energy and human li...

emerges out of Bad thoughts & deeds

Positive energies

sprouts out of Good thoughts & works

Good habits neutralize the negative energies

Close the windows always for negative breezes

Open your self for all positive energies for overall development

Vibrations of life should be always kept in vigilance to avoid crashes in life


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underscore game


Monument to Victims of Fascism, Rivne, Ukraine

We admit

No scores will be settled at Fascism 

Our Leaders accept

No war brings any kind of Peace & Prosperity

Our Religious Heads too confess

No God assent for the massacres of innocents

Every one knows every thing………………………………

Still ….taking the advantage of Dumbness /Calmness

In the name of (Nation) People& In the name of (Religion)God

Every one is playing underscore game for their existence at the cost of innocents

                                                                                                                                    – advocatemmmohan


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