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English: Spherical mirror in Millennium Square...


Heart feelings

Let them unfurl its veil like a lotus

but not like a bonsai in an artificial manner

Reflections of mirror never substitute the originals

Lack of ataraxia in thoughts like blind folds of  Horse – No solution


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Karma phala


A portrayal of Vyasa, who classified the Vedas...

is a Kinetic force

Every kinetic force yields it’s results 

Like sowing seed yields it’s great fruits

Results of Kinetic force is called as Karma Phala

Our Sages said that your karma phala decides what you deserves



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Dooms Day Music

Rays of Sun

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

sparks the life in Seed

Rays of Moon

aired the breath in Bud

Fluids of Earth

feeds the sprout to Raise

Grows like a Gigantic Tree

to save the Nature and Needy

But being greedy children, we are playing Dooms Day Music  – is it Justifiable



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Love never dies

what is there

Sunset on the Coast

in the Horizons

While reaching

Sun  showers golden dust

Sky displays it’s rainbow butterflys 

Soil mounts up heads to view graceful vista

This eternal love every day takes brith significantly – Love never dies




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Cultivate the Brain

Sail on the flow of thoughts

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

Suddenly queer the heart

Blank prevails all over for a while

No reply echoes from the depths

All thoughts rushed for references 

When nothing sparks in mind – again blank

Arresting the Brain on that point to be solved

Sail on the flow of thoughts

Suddenly a flash sparks the Brain

Answer delights your soul with a crescent smile

Cultivate the Brain with seeds of healthy thoughts & Positive Waterings

 Not only the God  but also all boons & virtues of his Universe fall in your Lap


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crepuscular rays

we laid

Brilliant Crepuscular Rays over Santa Clarita,...

mist dews to wet your feet

to wash out  our sins carrying on backs

we paved 

green carpets to soften your walk

to attain blissful lives like bloomed flowers

Our bodies as floral gardens

ready to give standing ovation on your arrival

All the windows of our souls

arched with tender twigs of love eagerly awaiting for you

Oh my Lord

scintillate our dark worlds by your crepuscular rays of knowledge


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English: Thomas Cole's art

Comfort zones of life


More than Mother’s lap

More than Father’s care

More than God‘s shrine

All works rest in Home

All worries end at Home

All ideas sprouts at Home


Genealogical tree like

Trace the sources & Protect the souls like God



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New blossoms

Merry Gold

English: A rising sun, being seen from side of...

unfurled it’s petals in the East 

New rays of light

unveiled the black veils of  Night

Desires of birds

soared high in the orange Sky

Greens of souls

floored the land with it’s floral fragrance

Mist of  ardent

arched a  beautiful rain bow Welcome 

Inviting the New blossoms in to our tinny worlds

a wonderful day….. every day is a beautiful day…. have a nice day


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Oxygenated grace

Hey, God…..


Lotus (Photo credit: ROSS HONG KONG)

I am not a honey bee

for living with out embracing your Lotus feet

nor am I, a plastic flower

to live with out your Sense of fragrance

Like a breeze , I too rolled in all filthiness of life

But purify me in your Oxygenated grace , till then I would not leave your Golden feet


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your Thoughts


Korridorfin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

like  wild birds

not amenable to groom

your Dreams

like passing clouds

never yield any drop of water

No rainbow adds any Colours to your life

unless you harvest your own colorful dreamy life


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