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No wings still flys

No feet still walks

No fins still swims

Time never ends & stops……….advocatemmmohan.

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Shell Fish/selfish

Green Meadows Petting farm-

How little you are – immaterial

Little hands express great concern than the adults’

How small your soul is – irrelevant

Divine soul knows no dogmas in loving all subjects

Boundless Love – Restless concern blooms the child as God

Calculated Love/Life – Reciprocal concern left the Adult as Shell Fish/selfish



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Love repairs & bonds

English: True Love Couple

Can not you see

Earth pole’s distance between us

Yes…. one crescent smile is enough to shorten

Can not you see

Valley’s depth of difference in our thoughts

Yes….one hug is enough to get an equal standards

Can not you see

Sky & Earth gap in our life styles

Yes….. one kiss is enough to wipe all gaps between us

Love is a Good Glue & Good Wiper – Love repairs & bonds every broken life



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Sweet & Pretty

Rosa 'Sweet Pretty' Deutsch: Bodendecker-Rose ...

Once fall in

the whirls of pure love

no one desires to raise up

Some times falling is also Sweet & Pretty 


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my Lord

Lord of Ayurveda,Dhanvantari

Trembling hands

see towards vast sky

Tired eyes

always look towards earth

In between the ego was in flames


left me back a bit behind 

Exhausted soul

always dragged me to the corners

What could I offer 

Except pure love & faith for Moksha – my Lord

( dedicated to my father Late M. Padmanabha charlu )


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Love your Nation

One Nation Under

Love the Nation

dispite of it’s disadvantages

Else  No one is fit  to be it’s citizen 



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No death in love

Who said 

Love In a Mist

she is alone

when his memories walk with her

Who said

she is sick

when his thoughts feed her soul 24 hours

Of course often her eyes may stroll some salty tears

Of course often her soul may bitterly cry in sick of  him

No , No , She is not an orphan as long as he is in her world

No death in love until & unless other’s breathe end in harness 


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Love & Lust

Breath in – the Love

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - Whisp...

Body & Mind blooms the life

Breath out – the Lust

Body & Mind exhausts the evils

Love keeps the life in serenity in it’s absence

 Where as the Lust leaves the life in frustrations

Awake the soul & Aware of the difference in Love & Lust



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sprout the love

Catch up the Clouds


Carrying the whispers of love 

Deserted soul duded in hot sands

Single droplet enough to green the life

Frustrated soul withered all it’s feathers

Rain down calmly to sprout the love in life

Soak the souls warmly to spread the peace in lives

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Love is

Love In a Mist

Love In a Mist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not a spell of spark like lightning

Love is

an eternal lamp has to kindle till last breathe 


at first sight may vanish at any time


for last end is a wonderful great feeling 


is a brook line but not a flood to wash away


is a feather like warm silky touch of comfort, lull & assurance


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