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Farmers always far away

English: ploughing

Poor peasant

who has to think about him

though he feed our mouths by his hard labour

Farmer always remained as a secondary citizen of country

Neither the Nature

Nor the Government

or the people who depends on him

think about him even for a while in dreams

Unhealthy monsoons hit him to death by it’s lashesun lashes

Lethargic government stampedes him financially from raising his head for breath

People who are well acquainted with him also not care him with due respects & regards

Farmers always far away from developments , richness , luxuries, & minimum comforts of life

( dedicated to  farmers who are victims of  Monsoons and cyclones & a memorandum to think about him )


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right to reject all candidates

മലയാളം: Ink marking after Vote (India)

None of the above

in the ballot paper

May be a right to reject all candidates

but makes no difference in the results

as it is not armed with any Tooth or Claws

Vested Political Boss was sheathed with thick skin 


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One Day Peace

One by One

Category:Greek and Turkish wikipedians coopera...

Raise Your Voice

With one word – World is ours

Once for all

Raise Your Fists

No one deter us – No more

By All Means

Put All Efforts – Peace prevails all over

No wars touch our shores

No racism sprouts in our lands

No fanaticism raise in our heads

No corruption breaths in our nations/thoughts

No domestic violence springs in our societies

No crimes against humanism breaks out in our relations

One day Peace Dove fly freely and fearlessly all over the world  

( dedicated to )


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A Leader

English: Satan baptizing a disciple, most like...

stands for his words

but this politician stands only on the shoulders of others


never created this Politician

Probably he may be created by Satan 

that’s why by his invisible fangs always bite the society mercilessly 

                                                                                                          – advocatemmmohan

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no one is called by


Marco Ricci - Southern Landscape at Twilight -...

at Horizons

Morning twilight

displays new meaningful shades

Greater over shadows greet merrily

Sun raises in to a new world of Freedom & Love

Where no one is called by Caste, Race, Religion & Status etc.,

                                                                                                       – advocatemmmohan

( dedicated to  Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and  Martin Luther king )


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underscore game


Monument to Victims of Fascism, Rivne, Ukraine

We admit

No scores will be settled at Fascism 

Our Leaders accept

No war brings any kind of Peace & Prosperity

Our Religious Heads too confess

No God assent for the massacres of innocents

Every one knows every thing………………………………

Still ….taking the advantage of Dumbness /Calmness

In the name of (Nation) People& In the name of (Religion)God

Every one is playing underscore game for their existence at the cost of innocents

                                                                                                                                    – advocatemmmohan


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21st century cannibalism


Late nineteenth century Syrian dress. Dervish,...

flooded in the tears of citizens

Hysteria affected rulers forgot it’s Great History

Building castles on the graves of it’s bright future (kids)

21st century cannibalism of own children to lull the power hungry

Let us condemn this heinous crime in one voice – Genocide of kids like pests 



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English: Figure No. 13 from A History of Domes...

Seized the blue sky

Disturbing the serenity of the souls

Who sets the fire to the sentiments of people

Burns himself in the same flames of anguish misreably




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Andhra state marked in yellow which merged wit...

Breaths only in fair politics

Political views

Never be attributed to that of society

Plebiscite only mirror the correct views of society


(While dividing a state in two or three parts, one has to conduct plebiscite)


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All goes well

Noon – Rest from Work (after Millet)

Even in rest

whether the rest is for a while or for ever

is an immaterial one for the rest of the things till their arrest – have to go

Secretes of life are very simple – not fearful if one understand s the nature


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