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Sankranti Brindavan

behind the drums of

your rhythmic heart beats

let me play the Peacock flute

I am your Krishna , you are my Radha 

let us  have a beautiful Rangoli dance in this Sankranti  Brindavan

things are Joyful & Colorful in between Atma & Paramaatma -God & Devotee

Wish you all & your family members a Happy & Prosperous Sankranti & Pongal


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a bird 

original National Geographic article A BEDOUIN...

original National Geographic article A BEDOUIN MOTHER AND CHILD. The father of this little nomad may be a warlike bandit with a cloudy notion of property rights and other details of the civilized code; his mother a simple daughter of the desert with a childish curiosity and fondness for gaudy trinkets, but her babe has the divine heritage of mother love as truly as the most fortunate child of our own land. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

at the stretch of it’s wings

hugs all it’s chicks warmly

a lovely beautiful eye feast

 a mother

always hugs it’s child comfortably

feeding a new born child by the mother

always an adorable scene from the ages

a kiss, a hug, a warm greeting makes a lot of differences

a family sustains only on the foundations of love and affections

all the eyes at villages eagerly waits for the arrival of their kids for Sankranthi Festival



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