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existence of God


don’t know

whether you heard or not

always offers prayers for you 

don’t know

whether you save or not

always serve you as if you are the father

don’t know

whether you are or not

But know that it gives great strength to mind & body

you are not visible like Electronic Signals except tuned to you

Failure to receive positive signals from the God is not his fault

As such it is not justifiable to any one to deny the existence of God 

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Silent prayers


Silent, Prayer

Silent, Prayer (Photo credit: 小猫王)


What can I do

Your thoughts

made me walk on the clouds

Your breeze

swept away all my prides & prejudice

Your sense

sailed the soul towards great tranquility

Your presence

found me absent in the words”I” & “Me” except You alone – in Silent prayers



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Crane prayers

When overwhelmed

English: Crane

in floods of sudden provocations

Switched off all thoughts for a while

which controls over flows of irritations

A pause leaves you with great dignity and decency 

Crane prayers with eyes open for a great opportunity

( Lessons of Nature  reveals so  many secretes of life )


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