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Go & set yourself




Out of your grieves & sorrows

Don’t be like a spider caught in it’s own web

that does not mean to be like a Nomadic – road roller life

Soar with a bird eye view to chase your Dreams & Projects

Coming years are of yours only – No second thoughts – Go & set yourself



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don’t displease

English: 9th Day Kurukshetra War Painting form...


To please Duryodhana

Dhrutharashtra displeased Pandavas

Ultimately marched towards great Kurukshetra War

Pleasing important persons – not the offence nor sin

Whether it is in official works or in family relationships

But don’t displease others to please any one – heinous one

No holy scripts said to displease other for the sake of another


( learn lessons of life from Holy scripts )


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Freezed Souls

Misty Morning Refelctions

Misty Morning Refelctions (Photo credit: mylilangel58(aka Jane))

Stop the breeze

it repels  the serene lake

Reflections of dreams may disturb

Stop the clouds

It hides the Moon under it’s wings

Moony dreams may be vanished in darks

Hey Winter

Don’t freeze the body under your ice

Thoughts may be slipped in to hibernation

Freezed Souls & Bodies wakes only in warm touch of God



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Bottled psychology

Common Citizens bottle

An intelligent

create job within his Sphere

A Scholar

search for job at far shores


find his job in the lap of his sweet dreams

Bottled psychology makes to live in encircles

Common citizens appear every where at every society 



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Never aghast

 Beach tides


Never deter the dream of 

a Child in building her cute Castle  

Never aghast for cyclones in life – Rebuild your dream if collapsed

( lessons of life never forgot )                                                    ……………………..advocatemmmohan


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divine quality


English: God Saman

a strong divine feeling

coming from the ages of Sages

as they viewed and defined as God

believe it or not

but it

never allows any one to do wrong

It is like a navel line of gravity of the body

it balances the personality and body from falling down 

A divine quality let it be cherished in the thoughts and deeds – no harm 

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No defeat

A Wayfarer

English: Paganini on his death bed. - Watercolor

have to travel till last Breath

thereafter  permanent abode is the Outskirt

Ages of dreams of Tides to conquer the Earth proved futile

Eras of desires of a Man to defeat the Death resulted in vain


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Raymond Man


The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde po...

are Summer Winks 


are Colorful Gimmicks of Light

 Still one love to sleep in Horizons

Where the Sky never meet with the Earth

Where the Sun never sinks in the Ocean

Where the Moon never rises behind the Hills

 Soul always slept in dreams as it console the desires

Mind never rest in dreams as convincing the thoughts not easy

Balancing both makes the man a complete Gentle Man – like Raymond Man

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Reserved for you

Dreams of a Seed

Unitarian 1 sm

Desires of a Snare

remains forever unfurled

Encircled life sees nothing further

Don’t be caged by the complexes of life

No bird flys unless practiced on the ground 

Future is not  fearful nor in a sealed cover reserved for you

Future is to be constructed by you alone as it provides only space 

( dedicated to the struggling youth  )


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