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One Day Peace

One by One

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Raise Your Voice

With one word – World is ours

Once for all

Raise Your Fists

No one deter us – No more

By All Means

Put All Efforts – Peace prevails all over

No wars touch our shores

No racism sprouts in our lands

No fanaticism raise in our heads

No corruption breaths in our nations/thoughts

No domestic violence springs in our societies

No crimes against humanism breaks out in our relations

One day Peace Dove fly freely and fearlessly all over the world  

( dedicated to )


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A Leader

English: Satan baptizing a disciple, most like...

stands for his words

but this politician stands only on the shoulders of others


never created this Politician

Probably he may be created by Satan 

that’s why by his invisible fangs always bite the society mercilessly 

                                                                                                          – advocatemmmohan

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no one is called by


Marco Ricci - Southern Landscape at Twilight -...

at Horizons

Morning twilight

displays new meaningful shades

Greater over shadows greet merrily

Sun raises in to a new world of Freedom & Love

Where no one is called by Caste, Race, Religion & Status etc.,

                                                                                                       – advocatemmmohan

( dedicated to  Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and  Martin Luther king )


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Love – Career

Who taught the birds

Sea Eagle's Nest (1907 painting by Bruno Lilje...

to share love & duties

to build  beautiful nest & trust

to behave like parents to their chicks

Never leave it’s love & nest till last breath

If Life cherish blissfully at home  –  it blooms career also

Simple secret of the life – a man is always forgetting in balancing his life


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All goes well

Noon – Rest from Work (after Millet)

Even in rest

whether the rest is for a while or for ever

is an immaterial one for the rest of the things till their arrest – have to go

Secretes of life are very simple – not fearful if one understand s the nature


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Chess pawn

Chess pawn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw

tired full eyes praying for light

I saw

cracked lips crying for great peace

I saw

trembling hands fully stretched for help

Every one taking advantage of other’s innocence

Every one desires to over power on the other’s weakness

Why all these over floods of dreadful & fearful emotions 

seized the blessed lives of humans – No traces of rainbows 

Still half of the world is under the fangs of ruthless cannibal Eras

Under the umbrella of God, faith & religion , all citizens are Pawns of Unruly hands

Oh, God ,

take a lead……

Let this cannibal parts of world may march towards the everlasting freedom in lives

( praying  for freedom in life – dedicated to oppressed citizens of world )  



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Family Bonds

one kind look

Paintings of Life of Gautama Buddha in Asalha Puja

you need not be like Mother Teresa

one good word

Not necessary to be like  Buddha

one crescent smile

No need to smile like that of Gandhi

fills the space with great joy

Heart jumps one pace forward

all gaps bridges with great bonds

Lack of expressions lead the life to miserable shores

Family bonds are more valuable than your vehicle maintenance

Think thrice what you are loosing in the family , later you never repeat the same

( dedicated to the families making their lives miserable )


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Beauty & Honest

Life is very beautiful & honest 

John Singer Sargent - Venetian Glass Workers

How sweet it is to live on hard labour/work

Great beauty lies while the rays of sun shines on the sweats

Every one in the world always doing something to their livelihood honestly

Really they are the Great soldiers of the society because of them still the earth survives



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Angel of the Death

there is

so much pain

already in the world

why your’s too like adding salt 

Get pearls of smiles from the sore tears

Cook a beautiful life dish from all perils of life

Being an Angel, a women can bring a welcome Home


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No defeat

A Wayfarer

English: Paganini on his death bed. - Watercolor

have to travel till last Breath

thereafter  permanent abode is the Outskirt

Ages of dreams of Tides to conquer the Earth proved futile

Eras of desires of a Man to defeat the Death resulted in vain


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