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Hen under the Hamper

No one can wear spectacles

English: The Moon and planet Venus

to control the flooded dreams

No mad can see

the Moon with help of a torch

Lack of perceptiveness , leads the life like a Hen under the Hamper

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Reach the Goal /God

Clouds of Phobia

Phobia (film)

diminish the brightness of  thoughts

Inhibitions always leads to the back bench life

Roaming in yourself is a sign of Mad in Science 

Grooming yourself in worldly is a Meditation in Religion

Know the difference, knew the knowledge and Reach the Goal /God


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how sweet the awaiting is ……….

Moon, Jupiter, Ganymede, and Jet

one in the blue dark sky

another in the pool of my thoughts

how beautiful the Moon is…..

silky white clouds flying like swans

slowly opened the windows of my soul

dark blue sky with studded diamond stars

awakens the shadows of my sleeping desires

behind the top of the hill, the desires of Moon appears to be hide out

from the bottom of the hill, the thoughts of stream overflowing in to the slopes

Moon nears to the western ends , still the doors of my love not opened yet

how sweet  the awaiting is ……….


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