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God only knows

Metamorphosis of Narcissus

Metamorphosis of Narcissus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

how the life struggles

at the edge of the death

Every inch of the body shrinks  like a cocoon

Once releaved, the Soul flys like a beautiful Butterfly

The death is nothing but a Metamorphosis of the Body in to Soul

It is the secrete of the life revealed by Nature

But all are Ignoring to Notice the same fact



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Wings of Soul

Chained to No-One

Chained to No-One (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

chained with Bonds

No Bonds stands for ever

Still one after the other tied the Soul

Let the soul may be chained with sweet Bonds

No heaven comes on par with a beautiful Home – the power of the love

No Death removes the Blind folds of the eyes –  the secrete of the life


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rested souls

eagerly waiting

Bodies and Souls

Bodies and Souls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

behind the night curtains

like oyster waiting for pearl droplet of rain

night merged in between the two majestic knights

morning rays sides away with  a little bit shy

with out disturbing the rested souls in great peace

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