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Still my eyes

not getting wet  

still my soul

not believing this fact

How can I believe that

when you are with me

Love makes miracles

Faith implants mesmerized seeds

All saying that you have walked away silently 

All of your colleagues paid great Homage to you

Still……………………………, Love never dies as it is an eternal one

Paid Great Homage to Dr. M. Padmanabhacharlu on 18-9-2013 at Darbar Hall Mourya Inn Kurnool

శ్రీ T.G. వెంకటేష్  చిన్న నీటి పారుదల శాఖ మంత్రివర్యులు
శ్రీ M.D.Y. రామ మూర్తి సీనియర్ అడ్వకేట్
శ్రీ శ్రీ శ్రీ స్వామీజీ
శ్రీ రఘు రామయ్య
శ్రీ శివాజీ స్పూర్తి కేంద్రం


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Rudra Bhoomi

English: Shiva Carrying Sati on His Trident, c...

Rudra Bhoomi

Where  Lord Maha Shiva

dances vigorously along with the flames of pyre

Rudra Bhoomi

Where tranquility equality lulls the souls in great peace

Rudra Bhoomi

The ultimate destination of all beings one day or the other day

Rudra Bhoomi

a great Oasis of deadly hot desert which quench the thirst of  vexed lives



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a feeling of Love

Who is the God

Triumph of Faith over Idolatry, by Jean-Baptis...

Where is the God

Whether born in as an out come of

fears / faiths of life for psychological support

Our sages viewed the God as a blue sphere in a flame of fire

God is an experience , a faith , a bond and is like a feeling of Love


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Don’t dwell in Mourn

English: Israelite Women Mourn with Jephthah's...

No mourn for death

as death is also inevitable one


Mourn is not a sin nor discardable 

as it is the language of the body to express sorrow

Let the body exercise it’s fundamental right fairly & freely

What Our Sages said that “Don’t dwell in Mourn ” but not to mourn




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English: Ancient Shiva Temple roof paintings, ...

Like butter in Curd 

Not visible to the naked eye

Centrifuge your thoughts to view the Soul

Like Gopika churned the Curd  for Lord Krishna – Divine Soul



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Never show your back

No birth

and escaping prison after birth of .

is so easy

Lord Krishna too born behind Cell

No child

is in safe hands

Lord Krishna too brought up at Brundavan

No life

is bed of roses

Lord Krishna too faced great tasks in his life

Lord Krishna by his thoughts & deeds said that

Don’t  show your back for burning problems of the life 

Do your job at your best level ,Victory never goes out of your hands



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God means

 Name the God

Türkçe: Name of the God

as you vision him in your Soul

God – beyond our dreams as wind

God – beyond our feelings as fragrance

God – before our understanding disappears as fog

God – omnipotent & omnipresent hold him in your breathe 

No religion, No cast, No race & No age barred anyone from having the God

God means nothing but the Life – irrespective of our acknowledgements & Understandings



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Crane prayers

When overwhelmed

English: Crane

in floods of sudden provocations

Switched off all thoughts for a while

which controls over flows of irritations

A pause leaves you with great dignity and decency 

Crane prayers with eyes open for a great opportunity

( Lessons of Nature  reveals so  many secretes of life )


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How can I say

Frans Floris - The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, ...

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

When this mankind

floating in  phylum like straws

was it not you who uplifted and kindle knowledge as a Mother

How can I say

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

when this mankind

living like primates in forest

was it not you who taught culture and decency as a Master

How can I say

Who you are

when this mankind

oppressing themselves as cannibals

was it not you who incarnated for sake of humans as Divine Soul

How can I say

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

for the silly questions of every new born kids who have forgotten about you 

No need to prove yourself again and again every time for these unfaithful personalities

When they bite the bitterness of perils , one day or the other day, they surrender themselves before you



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Good Karma

Karma means

myocardial infarction - Myokardinfarkt - scheme

All unsettled accounts of deeds

All unexpected events are results of Karma

to say in simple way 

Heart Attacks, Diabetes etc., 

are the results of the Past deeds(habits)

Deeds means actions & thoughts

No need to blame the God

For having Good Karma

One has to cultivate Neat & Healthy habits in his life


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