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Love repairs & bonds

English: True Love Couple

Can not you see

Earth pole’s distance between us

Yes…. one crescent smile is enough to shorten

Can not you see

Valley’s depth of difference in our thoughts

Yes….one hug is enough to get an equal standards

Can not you see

Sky & Earth gap in our life styles

Yes….. one kiss is enough to wipe all gaps between us

Love is a Good Glue & Good Wiper – Love repairs & bonds every broken life



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soul unfurled

No, it is not a Milky Way

My heart paved a path for you

land like a flouting Silky feather on my way

No, it is not the tides of ocean

Flying fish shortly after take-off

those are tender waves of my dreams

Sail like a flying fish arching beautiful eye feast in oceanic love

When your gentle whispers bloomed jasmines over all my thoughts 

My soul unfurled like a moony canvas studded with your sparkling memory stars



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Let me live

Fire whirl (FWS)

Fire whirl (FWS) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in your thoughts afresh

ages have gone in to the past

relationships evaporated in the air

except in your thoughts no space to live

wandering whirl wind have no abode to go

No force separates me from your thoughts for ever

No fire burns me out from your thoughts at any cost

Do you know who am I ?

I am your shadow, your mirror , your voice, your friend and I am your PAST




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