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Moksha Yoga

Melodies of  flute

Sree Balakrishna Swami Temple, Kuzhuppilly

remove all melancholics in life – visada yoga

Peacock eyed feathers

ignite the bodies with inner looks – karma yoga

Mesmerizing crescent smiles

feed the souls in butter buffets of moon lights – Jnana Yoga

Hey bala Krishna 

leave your tender foot prints in our hearts perching for attainment – Moksha Yoga

                                                                                                                           –  advocatemmmohan

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detachment in attachment

Unveil the heart

English: bronze chariot of Lord Krishna and Ar...

before the Lord of Universe

All internal wars end in peace

Since the Nature is under the umbrella of Lord

it has been discharging it’s duties with out any attachments

This is called Nishkama Karma Yoga –  detachment in attachment 


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