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Nigeria Celebrity/Film actress Hilda Dokubo cr...

Ovals of pains

hatches often sorrows

Soul alone can hear the tear



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like crying child

Flows of some Memories

A toddler girl crying

Over flooded the Valley of Heart

Overwhelmed promises whirl pooled the Soul

Tears rolled down over the Cheeks breaking the barriers like crying child

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pyre never flare up


Here Come the Tears

shedded by mother 

While carrying a child 

while joining a kid in a nursery,

while sending a child to the higher studies, and

while getting down the daughter in matrimonial home,

were all blessing pearls to her children for ever , but …

Children always gave her tears

Even in her old age, she was awarded with tears

Poor mother……………………………………………….,

Even her pyre never flare up with her tears for her children


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why grief ?

why grief ?

Pietà (The Lamentation of Christ)

Pietà (The Lamentation of Christ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the grief

is a big pond of tears

the base of it – is  love

ridges of it – are the attachments 

on broken of any attachment – results in  grief

over whelmed attachments also results in to over flow of ridges

former is called sorrowful tears

later is called joyful  tears.

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seasons of life

Pearls of Life

Pearls of Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In depth of pathos

One can see only magnum cart

In the peeks of joy

One can see only florescent flashes

In between the middles

One can sense the breezes of freezes

seasons of life cycles one by one

 Life is a tear droplet

Appears as a pearl

Test salty   

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