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What is Living

Living is a Voyage in the sea of life

from the shore of birth to another shore of death

Every Voyage has got it’s won advantages & disadvantages

Overwhelmed in disadvantages are also part and parcel of Voyage

that does not mean that he is not Living at present as said by modern gurus etc.,



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Don’t be whirl pooled


Brünnhilde slowly and silently leads her horse...

on the virtues of your desires

not in the colorful dreamy land

but in the actual worthy real world

Simply thinking & dreaming not virtuous

Seed the thought first on the soil from the Lab’s

Don’t be whirl pooled yourself in your dream’s pond

 ( dedicated to young aspirants )



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Happy Sunday


English: Alexey Korzukhin, The Sunday (1884) Р...

adds rainbow colors

All tiredness

takes away to heels 

For tired souls

it is a sober kingdom

For refresh jag falls 

it is a  beautiful holiday resort


sprinkles all happiness in all walks of life


is the energy filling station for all busy lives

Have a Happy  Happy Sunday


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desires of horse

Moon beams

Peter Lely - Amorous Couple in a Landscape - W...

through green leaves

cradle the desires with it’s aura  

 her amorous looks 

from furled black lashes

sparkled the lullaby soul with it’s gaze 

may it be called as quenching of love thirst

may it be called as galloping  on the desires of horse



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Pictures of life

Bare Facts of life

Faded Laurels

not like that of imagined by Nobles 

It is just like that of our common village People

for soothing the ears one can describe the Pond beautifully

but the fact of odd smells of dead Fishes not so easily brush aside

No lessons can explain the facts beyond this common village pictures of life, if  desires to know

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Divine Knowledge

My Lord

Sun rays falling upon the murti of Lord Badri ...

Sun rays falling upon the murti of Lord Badri Narayanan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your memories bewitched me

Once seized in your thoughts in depths

No fear dare to dive in to the pond of my heart pool 

all envies  have disappeared like a shadows of a Night before the rays of morning Serenity 

Oh Lord

Let me embrace your Lotus feet

Once rested my head on your Glorified Lotus feet

all mirages , illusions of bonds have woofed away like front- locks before the Crepuscular rays of Divine Knowledge



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Brooms out

 Beautiful Roses 

Left it’s Petal’s smoothness

We are not sex symbol

We are not sex symbol (Photo credit: ramesh_lalwani)

Sharpen it’s hidden spines

Delicate Twigs twisted like a Gallows Rope

Roaring for ” Hang the Rapist till death”  publicly 

Brooms out the dirty Brain affected pigs from the Society

Rape is not against one women but it is against the Humanity

(Support the cause  – Delhi Rape case )


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beyond abilities

desired can walk in the pitch dark nights 

under the illuminations of the stars

Beyond Abilities

Beyond Abilities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

like a fire beetle fly for it’s love in the dark woods

determined  counts  always  possibilities any where

desperate finds only impossibilities every where

all depends upon the states of mind and circumstances

extracting  all abilities are most desirable for every one

like japan reconstructed it’s country from every devastation

finally  the desire droves the one for it’s destination 

beyond abilities also one can travel if desired strongly

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