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No wings still flys

No feet still walks

No fins still swims

Time never ends & stops……….advocatemmmohan.

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shadow growth

Hail spider (1)

Grow innerly

else it is only a shadow growth



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Life means

Slum children at the Food for Life School in V...

Let us

seed hopes 

in the minds of children to fly like birds

Let us

kindle divine spirits

in the hearts of children to glow the world like sun

Life means to love and to live in every moment of time



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farewell is

The Farewell

a way of expression

a movement of sharing memories

a time for wishing best prosperities in future


like a sunny rainy day smiles at any time in every life

fare well

 always takes the one far away from the cult of others


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as the time pass away

Two ocean pass looking east

Two ocean pass looking east (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

problems are like unwanted guests

not to go out as easy as they come

some are created one and some are procreated one

learn to love them, learn to live with them , nothing becomes heavy in hearts

then everything passes away as the time pass away


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Optical illusions

like optical illusions

English: This is a picture of floor tiles in B...

English: This is a picture of floor tiles in Basilica of St. John Lateran, which create an optical illusion. The picture was taken by Tino Warinowski (User:Chino) in June 2006 and is hereby released to the public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

every problem co-exists with an answer

it takes time to identify each

in the mean while no worry ……………………

like desert’s mirages 

every desire appears to hand reach

it requires time to clear the visions

in the mean while no hurry……………………….

after getting the net only

you hit the honey domes

else only poisonous stings

no honey lips

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