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World of Mother for 10 years

Friendship love and truth

Friendship love and truth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

World of Friends for 20 years

World of Love for 20 years

World of Duty for 20 years

World of Deity till rest

World of Rest at end

Next to the mother

before the love, friend occupies heart

Friendship is an essential part of life

Friendship makes you learn how to care, how to love and how to live

Every one is indebted to a good friend – an unforgettable part of  blissful life



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adorable paths

English: Paintings of Buddha meditating

Any thought

rests on self realization like lotus

Any thought

free from vicious minds of cobras

Always scintillate aura around it’s sphere

Adorable paths always adoptable for easing the lives


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No entry

Concern views

English: me and my friend

Curtsy cute smiles

Bonded both hearts with love

Love logo turns the pages of 25 years in its diary

Silver jubilee love train long journey with fulfil achievements

Never made them to look back for anything in to the past even for a while

New moon day sprinkled its deepest vicious dark in to the life of the Rajyam

New ugadi Vijaya Nama year train closed it’s doors to Sambasiva – No entry

Rajyam – a king less kingdom 

one bird flew away leaving wrecked one alone to the fate of time

let the departure soul of Sambasiva may rest in great peace, raining tears may console the soul of the Rajyam


 (Dedicated to my friend Rajyam who lost her husband Sambasiva – my friend – yesterday)


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Oxygenated grace

Hey, God…..


Lotus (Photo credit: ROSS HONG KONG)

I am not a honey bee

for living with out embracing your Lotus feet

nor am I, a plastic flower

to live with out your Sense of fragrance

Like a breeze , I too rolled in all filthiness of life

But purify me in your Oxygenated grace , till then I would not leave your Golden feet


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Self Pity

Let the Tears of one Eye

The "Saitaphernes tiara" image from ...

The “Saitaphernes tiara” image from the “La Nature” journal 1896. The tiara is considered af fake antiquity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not know to the another Eye

Share always Happiness

but not the sorrows of life

Adopt always the lessons of Nature

Except humans , no one share it’s grief to any one

Except in humans, Pity / Self pity has no place in others

Nature always fight for birth right of life , never take any abrupt retirements like humans

( dedicated to the depressed / suicide young people )


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a significance of Cool Peace

Desires of Cobra


Hood (Photo credit: slgwv)

Raised it’s Hood beautifully

Amused souls of Peacock

Flares out it’s plumage tail fashionably

Love or Lust all boundaries disappeared for a while

No one can draw a line in between the Ocean & Sky

All is blue – a significance of  Cool Peace – undistrubed Tranqulity


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Fresh minds

Never look back

Man of Many Minds

Man of Many Minds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for traces of walk

except for lessons of life

New begin

brings New thoughts

Celebrate the life with New year morning

Fresh minds are the abodes of the God




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I am a Nomad

Sun Pillar

Sun Pillar (Photo credit: tomhe)

I have no abode of mine

Let me to lay for a while

my head on steps of your temple land

Under  the roof of the sky

On the velvet green carpet Meadows

my body fell fast asleep forgetting  all sleepless Nights

 Angel whispers

brought new breaths to the faded life

Let me raise like a Morning Sun

from the deep lap of the Mother Earth


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Let me live

Fire whirl (FWS)

Fire whirl (FWS) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in your thoughts afresh

ages have gone in to the past

relationships evaporated in the air

except in your thoughts no space to live

wandering whirl wind have no abode to go

No force separates me from your thoughts for ever

No fire burns me out from your thoughts at any cost

Do you know who am I ?

I am your shadow, your mirror , your voice, your friend and I am your PAST




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Silky Feather

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee (song)

Morning Coffee (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kick the life

Morning Walk

Elegance the charm

Charming faces cherish every where

Mourning cozies never shine any where

Life is a beautiful Butter fly

Let it fly freely and happily with out any hindrance

Always space your mind with  wonderful positive thoughts

Life becomes lighter than the floating silky feather in the blue sky

Wish you all a Happy  Mukkoti Ekadasi  and a Happy and Merry Christmas 


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