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Venus of love


Don’t open

A beauty sleeping, while playing a . Sometimes...

the windows of eyes

my dear…………………..

your amour looks pinch my heart

Don’t woof

the curly hairs over the face

my dear love…………………….

your ablazing shines blind my eyes

In the shades of dancing lights

 you are a shooting ray ,behind the darken clouds 

Behind the veils of silver shines  you are nothing but the Venus of love


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too little

see the great tides

English: The Baby of Chapai Nawabgonj are poor...

English: The Baby of Chapai Nawabgonj are poor. They hava no dress but happy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

rolling down to touch my feet

see the great moon

showering sliver dust on my back yard

see all the stars disappear in the dark

on shutting down of my both eyes closely

on seeing of the Baby’s glowing face 

God too smiles a little from the corner of his lips


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