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Lord Garuda

Belur Garuda

Great Eagle

Let us have

your Bird View

to survey our inner faults

Let us have your Wings power

to stand stable in the middle of problems

Tharyaksh Arishta Nemihi = Lord Garuda protect us from all Evils

( inspired from  posted by our Senior blogger)


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you are an Unique

Emotions show

I can not say

you are not – what you appear

I can not say

You are other than – that hides in you

What hides in you except bunch of feelings

When life means bunch of feelings & emotions

I can say factually whether you are alive or dead 

How can I say you are other than what you appear

Except you there is no other – you are an Unique in this Universe


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Silent prayers


Silent, Prayer

Silent, Prayer (Photo credit: 小猫王)


What can I do

Your thoughts

made me walk on the clouds

Your breeze

swept away all my prides & prejudice

Your sense

sailed the soul towards great tranquility

Your presence

found me absent in the words”I” & “Me” except You alone – in Silent prayers



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Mirror & God

Mirror says no word

The Empty Mirror

When you are before Mirror

You automatically correct your make ups

God says no word

When you are before God

Your soul beg for pardons & blessings


The tranquility of Mirror for body and

The great divine serenity of God for soul

shows what you are and saliently advise you to correct them secretly

Every one knows his own mistakes but ego requires confirmations & acceptances secretly

( Human psychology – a peculiar one )                                                                          …………advocatemmmohan


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Witches concoct a brew to summon a hailstorm.

Life goes out of hands

Don’t see the Life Line in the palms

Don’t pay witches for magic spell bounds

Summon all your divine strengths to regain the power




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Purush (Adam) & Prakrit (Eve)

Sea and Sky

I am the sea

You are the sky

I am the mirror of you

you are the figure of me

Look in to me to know the depths of you

Except we no one knows well about us – a pair of reflections

Horizons only knows about us like Purush (Adam) & Prakrit (Eve), else we are equals

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You are not your shadow

Shadow Man

but the shadow may be yours

 any how don’t be  in a shadow

a symbol of  deep Pathos of life


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not afraid of tomorrow

Think of Tomorrow

Life is a colorful bubble

Still  kids

Love to play with bubbles

As not afraid of tomorrow like us  

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no regrets

no regrets 

No Regrets (Robbie Williams song)

No Regrets (Robbie Williams song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

at the half of the journey

no second thoughts

solve the problems

innovatives only sways towards the shore

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beyond abilities

desired can walk in the pitch dark nights 

under the illuminations of the stars

Beyond Abilities

Beyond Abilities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

like a fire beetle fly for it’s love in the dark woods

determined  counts  always  possibilities any where

desperate finds only impossibilities every where

all depends upon the states of mind and circumstances

extracting  all abilities are most desirable for every one

like japan reconstructed it’s country from every devastation

finally  the desire droves the one for it’s destination 

beyond abilities also one can travel if desired strongly

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