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Happy Sunday


English: Alexey Korzukhin, The Sunday (1884) Р...

adds rainbow colors

All tiredness

takes away to heels 

For tired souls

it is a sober kingdom

For refresh jag falls 

it is a  beautiful holiday resort


sprinkles all happiness in all walks of life


is the energy filling station for all busy lives

Have a Happy  Happy Sunday


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slippery walks of life


English: Utterly humiliated, Vibhishana, along...

English: Utterly humiliated, Vibhishana, along with his four confidantes approached Rama eager to join him. Sugreeva did not believe him. But Rama intervened. He gave a patient listening to Vibhishana and promised Lanka’s throne to him at the end of the war. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

some develops the relationships

some destroy the good conditions

beyond elasticity no relationship sustains 

art of using  of  the words

part of human psychology from the ages

even the hard facts are also to be delivered in smooth manner

unpleasant words of  Vibhishana, excels him from the Lanka Kingdom

simple displeasure words are enough to destroy the families now a days

be careful in the family than the outer relationships

slip of tongue leads to slippery walks of life

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Breeze like life



Breeze (Photo credit: Aziez Ahmed)

for desired hearts 

brings Good mornings

for depressed persons

greets with bad mournings


is inevitable one in every walks of life


Breeze like life

smells fragrance in floral garden 

smells foul in debris slum zones

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all human relationships

not like that off algebra


Little Bit

Little Bit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

until solved –  is a puzzle

once solved – is so easy


what requires

only a little bit hard work

much more a little bit patience 


what should be avoided

irritations are the first enemies

negligence is the next one

lack of attentions are the last one


equal importance

heap upped small things shake up the whole life

learn to give equal importance on all walks of life

life shines like sun every where

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