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One feeling inject confidence


Nimbus  clouds 

Nimbus IV

Nimbus IV (Photo credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives)

Covered like Wild African Elephants

Thunder Blots 

Roared ferociously like Wild  Red Lions

Lightening Fangs of the Cyclonic whirl winds 

Injected  fear of death  into the veins of  Victims

Bottoms of blue seas blushed the sheds of  blood water

Peaks of Pathos fan it’s fangs like spreaded peacock tail

Where to go the Langour ships from the middle of the Ocean


a Hope 

Kindle the souls

God may come for rescue

Really a comfort feeling 

for desired hearts 

makes every misery very light

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100% risks no chance of survival

life is a peculiar one


Image by amdolu via Flickr

always wants sway away with moods

no dare to take – step after the step 

moods are whirl winds

flights the one for safe zones 


falls down the same from high sky

100% risks no chance of survival


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