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another blissful day

English: Sun Rise in Mexico

Wake up


Morning sun rays…

Leaveing the indolence

Having seen

Ups & Downs in Moon‘s life

why to orbit around polyphobia

Good Morning  – another blissful day from Karma Sakshi



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English: Virtual reality - Second Life - trave...

What is Living

Living is a Voyage in the sea of life

from the shore of birth to another shore of death

Every Voyage has got it’s won advantages & disadvantages

Overwhelmed in disadvantages are also part and parcel of Voyage

that does not mean that he is not Living at present as said by modern gurus etc.,



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pellets of fired bullets

the tears

This is the Naruto Whirlpools taken on 4-21-20...

pitiably rolling down

from the corners of eyelashes 

those are whirlpools of wounded heart

no one can tossed the same with his finger tips

as those are  pellets of fired bullets at the poor heart


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Fall in love

let the heart

Fall in Love (Thelma Aoyama song)

Fall in Love (Thelma Aoyama song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

may take a little rest for a while

under the shade of full moon sky

but vain

let the sigh

may exhaust the burning fires  

in the shadows of tears of dark eyes

yet not put off

Hollowness haunt the life with hallucinations 

Emptiness drives the heart to corners of the room

Fall in love, makes the world gloomy for ever until sailed to the shore of……. !



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No stress


Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress.

Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

out come of a problem


result of an action or inaction or reaction

action or inaction or reaction

with out it there is no life at all

when the stress is a part of life

what is the need to go out of it

learn – how to enjoy in solving the problems

no stress then knock the doors of one’s house

every success in solving the problems secures good health


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no regrets

no regrets 

No Regrets (Robbie Williams song)

No Regrets (Robbie Williams song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

at the half of the journey

no second thoughts

solve the problems

innovatives only sways towards the shore

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