better luck next

18 Aug

Self Exile

A view of Sun Moon Lake

is a Psychological disability

Not on par with physical disability

No Time excuses him nor pardons  him 

How far 

one can go far away from society

Instead of blaming the Dumb Society

Clean first the dullness hidden in the inner layers 

Then see no one can stop raising of Sun & Moon in your Yards

Opportunities avail all equally, it is the one who first fish the same felt joy

Never felt guilty nor lived in exile  for not first fishing the opportunity – next is yours

Avoid disappointments in life, after all it is a game – play well & joyfully – Better Luck Next


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2 responses to “better luck next

  1. wayansuliarsa

    August 18, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    it’s really nice picture


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